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The Building Institute of Central Kentucky
Posted at 1:25 PM, Aug 10, 2021

LEXINGTON, KY - Sponsored Content: Brought to you by The Building Institute of Central Kentucky

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Our instructors are all experts in the trade they are teaching. Most instructors come directly from their job to the school, so the material being taught is as “real world” as possible. The instructor’s split the evening classes into 2 sections. The classroom, where instruction is based upon building codes and best practices; then laboratory, where students receive actual hands-on instruction with the material and equipment they will be working on during their day jobs.

The Building Institute of Central Kentucky is offering THREE Trades

  • HVAC - 1 year program**
  • Plumbing - 1 year program**
  • Electrical - 2 year program** (KY State mandated 4 year program)