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Keeneland & Derby milliner trades hats for masks

Posted at 3:21 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-01 20:37:09-04

NEW YORK CITY, NY — Horse-race-goers have paused for the pandemic which meant businesses centered around the dirt and turf had to pivot.

Christine Moore is the official milliner of Keeneland and the Kentucky Derby. She usually spends time in April at Keeneland working with clients designing their hats for the first weekend in May. Given the coronavirus circumstances, she is stuck in her apartment in New York City.

"When they said it was about droplets. I thought, you know, I think we should all cover our mouths," she said. "Then hearing about the shortage, I thought, 'well, I'll just make them [masks] and see where they end up.'"

Moore explained she is grateful she brought as much material as she could home weeks ago.

"I didn't know how long we're going to close for so I pulled off a lot of material [for] hat making," Moore explained.

Although she is still making hats, masks have taken the priority.

"I want to be a lifeline to the healthcare workers and also to the artists community around me and my and my to, to employ my staff with meaningful directed work like they normally have," she explained. "And then also to protect the public to to really encourage people to cover themselves for, you know, for the next month. Even if they feel ridiculous, who cares?"

Moore explained she was strategic in her design.

"I want them, the doctors, nurses and individuals, to be able to keep washing these and using them, rotating them," she said.

She explained her mask is thick with a space in the middle for a filter, even for an N95.

She is taking orders via email at or via her Instagram page.

"If it's for a medical worker, or anybody who's essential, we are will donate them," she said. "If it's for individuals, then we'll charge but it's it's a nominal, you know, it's basically we're mostly asking for shipping."

If you do not need a mask but would like to donate to her mission, Moore is in need of elastic for the ear straps. Moore will also take donations. Those who donate will receive a post card in the mail with a discount coupon respective to the amount they donated for future hat purchases. For details on how to donate to her Face Mask Fund, visit her website.