Website looking to pay person to have their dog review subscription boxes

Posted at 10:57 AM, Dec 02, 2020

If you want to spoil your dog and make some extra cash, this may be a great opportunity.

The lifestyle platform Wishlisted says it’s looking to send a couple of its favorite dog-centric subscription boxes to a lucky pup in exchange for an honest review.

The owner will also be paid $500 in return for their feedback on which toys are the squeakiest, which ropes are the toughest and which treats are the yummiest.

On top of that, Wishlisted says it will supply six months’ worth of the dog’s favorite food, “because pups who play hard need to eat well.”

To apply, owners will have to submit their contact information and answer a couple questions explaining why their dog is fit for the job. You can apply here.

When a winner is selected, Wishlisted says it will get in touch to send the subscription boxes and dog food, as well as coordinate feedback and payment.

"At Wishlisted, we focus on providing valuable shopping resources in a fun, uplifting way,” said founder and CEO Dayne Ford. “And since we assume your pups don’t spend much time on our website, we're depending on you as their human counterparts to help us find the most opinionated pup around, so that other dogs can benefit from their product reviews.”

Since it’s the holiday season, the website says it will also donate a meal to a no-kill shelter/sanctuary in Florida for every application up to 1,000.