Gas prices are on a steady decline across the country, the Bluegrass

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Posted at 5:55 PM, Jul 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-19 18:16:22-04

(LEX 18) — The price of gas in the bluegrass has steadily been going down. In the past week, the state's gas average has gone down by $0.12.

Gas Buddy's Head of Petroleum Analysis, Patrick De Haan says the fall has been a trend.

"We're at about $4.19 a gallon. Kentucky tends to be one of the cheaper places to fill your tank."

De Haan says right now, Kentucky is the 11th cheapest state to fill up in, in the country.

In a Team Kentucky address last Thursday, Governor Andy Beshear said, "Gas has gone down almost every day for the last 30 days."

Governor Beshear outlined just how much gas has gone down across the commonwealth.

"Over the last month, gas has fallen on average, $0.57 in bowling green, $0.45 in Covington, $0.69 in E-Town, $0.57 in Henderson, $0.50 in Hopkinsville, $0.34 in Lexington, $0.45 in Louisville, $0.70 Owensboro."

Although the steady fall in prices has made many happy, it's not guaranteed.

De Haan says, "There's a lot of factors that could change. Right now, the stars are aligning for a fall in prices, the situation could change. Especially, as much of the reason for the decline is concerns over an economic slowdown. If we don't see an economic slowdown, we certainly could see prices going back up.”

Now, in the second half of summer and of the year, De Haan says prices could be subject to more change in the opposite direction.

"Any shutdown could cause prices to go up. It could be a bumpy and uncertain ride,” says De Haan.