AppleTV+ documentary set to put focus back on Eric Conn fraud, social security “harassment”

Social Security Fraud
Posted at 7:48 AM, Apr 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-26 10:29:11-04

Convicted lawyer Eric C. Conn is back in the spotlight thanks to an upcoming AppleTV + documentary. The series is set to premiere May 6.

Conn pulled off a $550 million dollar fraud scheme against the social security administration. He was convicted in 2017, resulting in up to 1,700 people losing their benefits, including Winchester’s Clinton Mullins. He’s looking forward to more light being shed on what happened.

“Just knowing that people will know what really happened would be the best part I think,” Mullins said.

According to attorney Ned Pillersdorf, who works with victims and sat for a 20-hour interview for the documentary, said it puts a focus on more than just Conn's scheme, it looks at how the Social Security Administration has harassed his victims.

“I think what the four-hour documentary will show is what people here locally know is how horribly the social security administration has basically treated the con clients like they were criminals, even though there's no evidence they were involved,” Pillersdorf said.

He’s hopeful this documentary, like others before, will change the course of history, bringing enough attention so the social security administration will stop what they are doing. Even through he has his benefits back, Mullins said the administration has continued to reach out to him about upcoming hears. Mullins is looking forward to the day it all stops.

“That would be like waking up on a Christmas morning for a small child,” Mullins said.

230 people got their benefits back thanks to individual court orders, Pillersdorf said, adding the social security administration has said they would put them through new hearings. Another 1700 had hearings aborted after they were ruled unconstitutional, he said. Pillersdorf has filed a lawsuit sayings they have waited too long to have anymore hearings.