Cameron's team heads to federal court over President Biden's vaccine mandate, American Rescue Plan

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Posted at 5:00 PM, Jul 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-21 17:29:25-04

CINCINNATI (LEX 18) — A large contingent of litigators from Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office came to the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday in Cincinnati. His team presented arguments to a panel of judges who also heard from U.S. Attorneys for President Biden.

Cameron recently led the state in victorious lawsuits against the President’s vaccine mandates for federal contractors. In another case, a federal judge ruled that certain clauses tied into the President’s American Rescue Plan may have been unconstitutional due to provisions that make it impossible for states to make decisions about their own tax cuts if they took federal money as part of the rescue plan.

“It stops us in our tracks in terms of our ability to make determinations in the future about what our income tax looks like, what our sales tax looks like. So that’s why this case is really important,” Cameron said on the steps of the courthouse after his team presented its arguments.

Cameron also felt as if the president’s vaccine mandate was a clear case of government overreach.

“The 10th Amendment has to mean something,” he said, ”a state’s sovereignty in making determinations about tax and spend, and the health and safety of its citizens is something that needs to be undertaken by the state,” he continued.

Cameron and his staff were also representing the neighboring state of Tennessee in today’s proceedings.

“Kentucky and Tennessee are best to make decisions about what our citizens need as opposed to folks in Washington,” Cameron added.

Cameron hasn’t shied away from the President over things he sees as being overreach, or from taking verbal jabs at Governor Andy Beshear – also a Democrat. Of the Governor, Cameron said he’s been, “Johnny come lately” as it pertains to dealing with inflation and other fiscal concerns for the Commonwealth.

Cameron entered the Republican Gubernatorial primary race for the right to run against Gov. Beshear in the fall of 2023.