Cold Case: Powell County mother still searching for missing son

Posted at 12:34 PM, Jul 22, 2020

CLAY CITY, Ky. (LEX 18) — Joann Carey doesn't care that it's been ten months since her son, Shawn Glover, disappeared.

"We were just up here last weekend with a psychic. We were up here with some dogs from Louisville ourselves. Just walking roads, going down into ditches, going around lakes," Carey said of their search effort.

Investigators say Glover was last seen at the Clay City Inn on September 27th of last year. Lexington police have recently joined the investigation.

"She reached out to us a couple of weeks ago. She thinks somebody has seen him somewhere, and she's desperate to find her son," said Detective Anthony Delimpo, who leads the Crime Stoppers unit.

Carey says there may have been an altercation on the day Shawn went missing, and that he was with the young woman he was dating when he disappeared. A few days later, an important, if not unfortunate discovery was made.

"His insulin bag was found in the back of the motel," Carey said.

Detectives have told Carey that Shawn may have suffered a seizure and that those around him didn't know what to do, so they panicked.

Weeks later, someone set fire to the home where Shawn was living.

"They said he was killed here and moved his body to that house," Carey said.

Officials ruled it was arson, but never recovered Shawn's remains at the site. So for his mother, the search for Shawn will continue. Police will keep searching for clues.

"We don't have many leads, but we believe somebody does somewhere," said Delimpo.

*Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward for information that helps police with their investigation in Shawn Glover's disappearance. Please call the anonymous tip-line at 859-253-2020.