Kentuckians who get COVID-19 vaccine dose can earn chance to win $225,000

Posted at 6:27 PM, May 10, 2021

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — The number of vaccinations administered is still lower than health officials were hoping for by this point.

During three weeks in April, the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department only gave out slightly more than 1,100 first-time doses. That was a much slower pace compared to prior months.

Communities are looking for ways to increase interest among those hesitant. We have reported about COVID-19 vaccine incentives, such as a free donut from Krispy Kreme or the chance to win a grill in Anderson County.

Starting today, if you live in Kentucky, you’ll get a shot to win the lottery.

If you get a shot at any of the more than 170 Kroger or Walmart locations in Kentucky, you can receive a voucher for the Cash Ball game. This is courtesy of the Kentucky Lottery.

It’s a nightly drawing where the top prize is $225,000.

"Well surprisingly, all of this was put together in just the last two or three weeks,” said Mary Harville, Kentucky Lottery President, and CEO. “And fortunately we have the staff available to be able to do that. It was quite a project because, as I mentioned, 170 locations is fairly extensive, and it's all across the Commonwealth. 225,000 coupons is a pretty big number of coupons to get out there. But they're out there today and ready to go."

There are 225,000 vouchers available, and there will be 1,300 at each location across the state.

“Of course, our mission is ‘Fueling Imagination, Funding Education,’ and the college scholarships and grants that we fund are counting on us to do that. And as far as how it feels, it feels absolutely fabulous to be participating in something not only helping us, and our mission, but all businesses, our retailer partners, and the state as a whole,” said Harville.

Currently, at Walmarts across the state, you do not need a prior appointment to get a vaccine. Walk-ins are accepted.

“So the next time that you’re in our stores, picking up bananas or buying your milk, please come by the pharmacy and let one of our team members help you get the vaccine,” said Tobi Glasscock, Walmart's Market Health And Wellness Director.

The promotion is good through Friday, May 21, or until the 225,000 coupons run out.