Kentucky up to 19,121 COVID-19 cases, 622 total deaths

The 453 cases are the second highest single-day increase of positive cases in the state.
Posted at 5:01 PM, Jul 11, 2020

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) — Gov. Andy Beshear announced in a press release that there are 19,121 COVID-19 cases and 622 coronavirus-related deaths in the state of Kentucky.

Saturday's results include 453 new cases and two new deaths.

The 453 cases are the second highest single-day increase of positive cases in the state.

“Today’s numbers confirm that we will need to continue to take this pandemic seriously,” said Dr. Steven Stack, commissioner of the Kentucky Department for Public Health. “These numbers demand serious attention. In addition to remaining at least six feet away from anyone from outside of your household, sanitizing your hands and other high-touch surfaces, this includes wearing a face covering any time you are in public or indoors, such as in grocery stores or business offices. Wearing a face covering is one of the most important steps we can take to keep our communities safe and continue on the path to reopening Kentucky.”

Dr. Stack added a few additional tips for wearing face coverings most effectively.

“Make sure your mask fits properly to protect individuals and others from getting sick. And, keep extra masks handy,” Dr. Stack said. “If you know you’re going to be outdoors in the heat or doing any kind of activity where you might work up a sweat, bring an extra face mask.”

In his video message, Governor Beshear suggested he was encouraged by the early response to his mask mandate implemented Friday.

"We're seeing businesses embrace it," Beshear said. "We're seeing county judge executives and mayors getting out there and letting people know that this is not a political statement. It's a statement that you care about other people."

Bell County Judge Executive Albey Brock, a Republican, has been echoing that sentiment, urging his constituents to wear a mask.

"It might've been the governor who said this," Brock said, in an interview with The Big ONE 106.3 FM WRIL Friday. "And I rarely quote the guy. (He) said, 'No shoes, no shirt, no service.' No body pitches a fit, because you gotta wear shoes or a shirt to go into a restaurant. And (masks), in a time of a worldwide pandemic, has all of a sudden become this divisive thing that we're beating each other over."

Bell County, which has garnered attention for being a hotspot for the novel coronavirus in Kentucky, has 88 active cases. The Bell County Health Department reported seven new cases Saturday.

As of Saturday, there have been at least 475,983 coronavirus tests performed in Kentucky. At least 5,258 Kentuckians have recovered from the virus.