Kentucky up to 2,522 COVID-19 cases, 137 total deaths

134 new cases, 8 new deaths on Friday
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Posted at 5:21 PM, Apr 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-17 18:35:26-04

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) — Governor Andy Beshear announced on Friday that there are 2,522 COVID-19 cases and 137 total deaths in the state of Kentucky.

On Thursday, it was announced that one of the new COVID-19 cases was a 10-day-old baby. Governor Beshear announced Friday that the baby is now home and is doing well.

A day after President Trump announced the nation's economy will slowly be re-opening, Governor Beshear and Dr. Steven Stack talked about some of the guidelines Kentucky will be following to re-open the economy as well:

-State must have a downward trajectory of COVID-19 cases in a 14-day period.
-Hospitals must operate well within normal capacity
-Robust testing for healthcare workers
-Be flexible, fluid, and able to respond if cases increase once businesses open up.

-Number and rate of new cases
-Increased testing capacity and contact tracing
-Personal Protective Equipment availability
-Ability to protect at risk populations
-Ability to social distance and follow CDC guidelines on large gatherings
-Preparedness for possible future spike
-Status of a vaccine and treatment

"Normal going forward is not normal going into this," said Dr. Stack. "When we start lifting restrictions, we want to be very clear, there will be more disease. More people will get infected. That will run the risk of people getting very ill or people dying. There's a counterbalancing need to go on with life and people's need to be kept safe. We've recognized that all along."