Laurel County senior sacrificing more than graduation amid pandemic

Posted at 8:13 PM, May 15, 2020

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — Eighteen-year-old Madison Bowling was supposed to walk the line at graduation on May 16. COVID-19 interrupted the graduation ceremony at North Laurel High School.

Bowling says the community is being supportive with parades and radio coverage. Her senior class is making the best of it.

"Even though it's not how we wanted it to be, it's better than nothing." said Bowling.

The pandemic has done more than impact her senior memories, it has also uprooted her family, specifically her mother. Kellie Laymon, a nurse, has been living in a camper in the front yard of their home for the past two months since she has worked with coronavirus patients.

"She has been staying in the camper the past two months just to social distance from her family, just in case to keep us safe, look out for us," said Bowling.

Bowling considers her mother a role model.

"She's always been one to help out in anyway possible, she'd go above and beyond to help people. That's her passion," said Bowling.

The high school senior plans to follow in her mother's healthcare footsteps. She wants to be a physical therapist.

Bowling has also been taking care of her younger brothers. It's not how she wanted her senior year to end, but Bowling is staying positive.

"By us not being at school, we're helping save lives. We're not being carriers, we're helping out," Bowling said.