Lexington police easing back into headquarters; Officers on streets with PPE

lexington police.JPG
Posted at 1:31 PM, Apr 27, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — For Lexington’s police officers, maintaining social distancing guidelines can be difficult, if not impossible.

“We are police. Sometimes we have to place handcuffs on people, and sometimes we’ll be a lot closer to people,” said Sergeant Donnell Gordon.

“I am not on the streets, right now,” Detective Mark Thomas added. “The men and women who are answering service calls right now are the real heroes, and we see that every day.”

Fortunately, the officers who walk a beat, are well-stocked with protective gear from the moment they hit the streets.

“When we do our annual inspections or squad inspections, which are done every quarter, we always check to make sure they have enough masks and protective gloves,” Gordon said.

Gordon was speaking outside Division on what was his first day back in the office as the department begins easing people back into work, on a limited basis.

“Feels good to see everybody,” he said. “Still keeping our distance, and I just actually picked up some masks for the office, so if we have visitors everyone can be safe.”

The department has a clean record to maintain in that regard. As of this writing we’re told not a single person on the force has tested positive for COVID-19, which is somewhat remarkable given how this virus spreads, and how badly we’ve seen it hammer police departments all over the country.

Gordon also said crime rates, car accidents and traffic stops remain much lower than normal in the city, since most are doing their part to stop the spread by staying at home.