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Social distancing still key at local parks

Locals take advantage of weather at Veterans Park
Posted at 11:24 PM, Mar 25, 2020

(LEX 18) — During the gloomy days of the Coronavirus pandemic, Wednesday's rays of sunshine had Kentuckians thinking the same thing.

"Get out of the house as soon as possible," said Scott Davis. "That's what [my wife and I] did as soon as she got home from work."

"I spent some time in Seattle once, and when the sun came out it made the newspaper," said Glenn Novak. "This was almost a day like that."

The weather was incredible for people to get out of the house during the on-going pandemic. There were positive vibes all over the Veteran's Park hiking trail on Wednesday, with the idea of social distancing still in mind.

"Just following the rules that Governor Beshear has put out," said Shannon Durrum. "Social distancing, not being on top of each other like you would have to be at a playground or if you got to a playground and it's crowded you got to find something else to do."

"I think most people really respect the distance," said Michele Novak. "I think it's on everybody's mind. I've not felt like anybody was so close that I was fearful."

Since the cases of COVID-19 are increasing every day, with more nice weather in the coming weeks, it's important to remember not to get side tracked in order to keep every one safe.

"The risk may not be worth the benefit here, so it's something we're going to think about," said Glenn Novak. "Right now it's not been that packed as it could be so we're just going to take that one step at a time and try to do the right thing. If it calls for us to stay away then we'll have to stay away but right now we're pretty happy doing what we're doing."