Sifting through another spike; Lexington residents need to do better

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jul 27, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — As far as the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department is concerned, many across town are treating mask-wearing, and stay-at-home mandates, as if they're nothing more than a request.

"Right now, we're seeing a lot of people going out, who are sick with symptoms, and they're risking spreading it to others," said Kevin Hall, Communications chief for the health department.

Hall said Lexington is close to doubling the number of positive COVID-19 cases in July from the amount we had in March, April, May, and June combined.

"We're going to have close to, if not over, 1,500 cases in July alone," he said.

Another problem Hall cited concerns peoples' response to testing. Most, he believes, are not staying at home while awaiting their results. The assumption that your test will be negative because you don't feel under the weather is a significant reason the virus continues to spread at this staggering rate.

Hall knows there's a growing concern for everyone's mental well-being. The health department is not discounting that at all.

"We get it. There's COVID-19 fatigue," Hall said, "But we cannot go back to what you think normal was like," he added.

Successful contact tracing is how the health department arrived at the conclusion that those with mild symptoms are still heading out into public venues. While officials do appreciate the honesty when people are questioned, they'd prefer if everyone adhered to the guidelines the state and the department have put in place.

"If you're showing any of the symptoms, stay at home," Hall stressed. "If you are going out in public and don't have symptoms, wear a mask and stay away from other people," he added.