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Hitting the airwaves to share vaccine clinic info with a wider audience

Posted at 6:34 PM, May 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-11 18:44:14-04

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (LEX 18) — The vaccine rollout is still moving along in parts of southeastern Kentucky.

A regional site openedin London about two weeks ago, but FEMA officials say the number of people coming in is even lower than expected.

The Extension Office site is staying open Tuesday-Saturday, but FEMA is helping to mobilize mobile units across the region to reach almost every corner.

Media Relations Specialist Nate Custer is based in London for the effort, but he's looking beyond social media to promote the clinics.

On Tuesday morning, he made a visit to radio station The Country Giant 104.3 FM, based in Williamsburg.

The station has a seven-county reach across southern and southeastern Kentucky. Each of those counties has a population that's less than 30% fully vaccinated.

5-11 Vaccine MAP.png
Population totally vaccinated as of 05/10/2021 according to CDC

"The radio station in every town and every community is a public servant, and that's what they need to do is serve the public," said Terry West, a midday personality for The Country Giant.

Custer was promoting the rolling clinics, which on Tuesday included a site at the Firestone plant in Williamsburg. It's the second-largest employer in the area.

"For people who are marginally hesitant, the fact that it's here and they can just walk in get the shot is going to encourage a few more people. And every one more (vaccinated person) we get is one more we get," said Randy Miller, Firestone's environmental health and safety manager.

Miller explained that he got his vaccine to protect the employees.

"If I get the shot and I don't give it to them, then they don't take it home," said Miller.

West wanted to protect others, especially his mother. He hopes that his listeners hear the message and take care of themselves.

Vaccine Clnic.jpg
People receiving first vaccine dose at a mobile clinic in London

"We love our listeners on the Country Giant. We want to keep them safe. We're telling you, folks, get out there and get your vaccination. Just get it done," said West.

In addition to the clinic at the Extension Office, the rolling clinics will be set at two locations over the next several days. Each clinic is open from 10 am-6 pm.

Wednesday 05/12:
- Rose Bros. Dept. Store in Jackson, KY
- Firestone Plant in Williamsburg, KY

Thursday 05/13:
- Wasioto Winds at Pine Mountain State Resort Park in Pineville, KY
- The Perfect Place Wedding & Event Venue in Bonnymon, KY

Friday 05/14:
- First Baptist Church in Somerset, KY
- Bethlehem United Methodist Church in Liberty, KY

Saturday 05/15:
- Freedom Christian Fellowship in London, KY
- Canadatown Community Fellowship in Williamsburg, KY