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'It's humbling,' as the Brotherhood bikers begin 400-mile journey

brotherhood of riders 2022
brotherhood bikers 2022
Posted at 6:00 PM, Jul 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-20 18:44:19-04

VERSAILLES, Ky. (LEX 18) — The parade of cyclists hit Versailles and the Woodford County firehouse around 9:45 this morning. If they were tired after that leg of cycling from Georgetown, wait until Saturday when they complete this nearly 400-mile journey.

The 4th annual Kentucky Brotherhood bike event is officially underway as a group of cyclists began pedaling their way across the state. Over the next four days, they will take part in various ceremonies to honor the memory of the heroes (firefighters, law enforcement, military) lost in 2021. They came to this location to recognize Captain Ronald Ingram.

“Seeing them out here in this Kentucky heat, it’s just it’s very emotional for us as you can imagine. But what a great way to heal,” said Morgan Thurman, a granddaughter of Captain Ingram’s.

Thurman spoke in reverent tones about her grandfather during this morning’s ceremony. Despite having 16 months to grieve his loss, she said things still don’t feel right.

“Seems like you’d walk through that (firehouse) door, and he’s still sitting there,” she said before the ceremony.

Morgan used to come here as a child to ride the fire trucks, take part in parades, and attend Christmas parties. Her mother did the same when she was a kid. Captain Ingram worked in this firehouse for 42 years until his death came in the line of duty last March.

The brotherhood of riders comes from several states. They will make 26 stops during the trek to honor the memories of 28 fallen heroes from 2021. The T-shirts they are wearing while riding are adorned with those 28 names.

“We come here to meet these families and hear about their loved ones, and tell stories. It makes it all worth it. It’s very humbling,” said Geoffrey McNulty.

Following the ceremony in Versailles, the riders moved on to Shakertown. They’ll make six or seven stops each day before wrapping things up in Henderson on Saturday.