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Kentucky Board of Nursing reviewing medical records in jail death

Posted at 3:15 PM, Nov 21, 2019

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) — A federal lawsuit is still pending over Dylan Stratton's death at the Franklin County Regional Jail. His mother filed the wrongful death suit claiming her son died in the jail due to gross negligence. Leslie Glass said her son, who was in drug withdrawal, didn't receive emergency medical care and as a result, died while in custody. Glass is also suing the medical company that provides health services to the jail.

The complaint states, 'Dylan would not have died but for Defendants' gross, unconscionable and deliberate indifference to the tortures of his untreated benzodiazepine withdrawal.'

LEX 18 has learned the Kentucky Board of Nursing is reviewing Stratton's medical records recorded by jail medical staff. Calls to the Board of Nursing were not returned today.

According to the lawsuit, of Stratton's nearly six days in jail, a nurse documented only two days worth of his entries. Glass' suit alleges Southern Health Partners, who is contracted by the jail to treat inmates, 'fabricated' records by later submitting two pages of entries.

Glass believes SHP tried to cover up the failure saying, "They should be ashamed of themselves. What kind of medical establishment are you?"

LEX 18 has also learned one of the nurses named in the suit, as the person who filled out the Stratton's chart, was previously reprimanded by the Kentucky Board of Nursing for lying about her criminal record while trying to procure a nursing license. According to the Agreed Order from 2002, Trivette answered "No" when asked on a form if she had any misdemeanor or felony convictions since her last Kentucky license was issued.

The Agreed Order also showed that in 2001, 'while working as a licensed practical nurse at the Franklin County Health Department, Ms Trivette removed a "return to work/school excuse" from the medical office of Pediatric Associates of Frankfort, and falsified a school excuse for her daughter by signing another employees name on the form without the permission of the other employee.'

LEX 18 contacted the new Franklin County jailer, on board since September, who said Trivette still works at the facility. But Jailer Jake Banta said he couldn't comment on the Stratton case due to pending litigation. He did say the jail is making positive changes to its programs and training. Efforts to reach Trivette were unsuccessful.

Southern Health Partners maintains its staff acted in 'good faith' and that if 'Dylan Stratton suffered any harm it was as a result of his own actions, not those of SHP.'