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Kentucky State University suspending non-instruction in-person activities on campus

Posted at 5:36 PM, Aug 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-20 18:41:54-04

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) — Kentucky State University is suspending all campus non-instruction in-person activities until further notice. The decision comes after cell phone video showed a large crowd of students at a school-sponsored Back-to-School event Wednesday night.

Many students were seen wearing masks, others were not. The video also showed students standing close together and not socially distancing. The comedy show took place at the campus amphitheater.

KSU student Louis Downs decided to skip the comedy event after going to another school-sponsored gathering earlier in the week. He said he felt more safe staying in his dorm. ?

"I had my thoughts about it like, why aren't they wearing their masks ? I heard others asking why aren't they wearing masks,?" said Downs.

Late today KSU'S president released a statement calling the cell phone video troubling and said that future non-instructional in-person campus events are suspended until further notice.

You can read the university's full statement below:

Fellow Thorobreds,

A video of a Kentucky State University on-campus gathering has been brought to my attention, which is quite troublesome. Kentucky State University is committed to taking all feasible steps toward providing an on-campus academic environment amid the ongoing pandemic. However, this requires all persons to adhere to posted guidelines, staff requests and take personal responsibility for their health and the safety of all members of our community. The violation of the standing Breds Back on the Hill: A Safe Start to Fall 2020 guidelines by even a few people can result in the shuttering of the campus for all people.

The campus has provided a choice of instructional options, housing assignments and food services. We are also trying to promote an engaged campus culture while complying with the social distancing, face covering, and sanitization standards operating nationwide. However, in light of the flagrant violation of standing protocols, there will be a moratorium on non-virtual campus events until there is clear and consistent compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines. Our campus community must remain vigilant in the fight against COVID-19, as it is literally a matter of life or death.

Each and every member of our campus community is responsible for COVID-19 safety and compliance. If you see someone violating a policy, say something immediately. The actions we take will affect the literal lives of our fellow Thorobreds, as well as the future of our great institution.

Effective immediately, all non-instructional in-person campus events are suspended until further notice.

Additionally, please comply with the following:

1. No gatherings or clusters to exceed 10 persons

2. No chinning face coverings — your nose and mouth must be covered at all times

3. No movements on or around campus without PPE

4. Practice social distancing at all times — remain 6 feet apart from non-roommates

5. Every day complete the COVID-19 self-screening process

Anyone found violating the above will be subject to the disciplinary provisions of the student and/or employee handbooks.

Failure to comply with the proper protocols can result in death, severe health problems and the CLOSURE OF OUR CAMPUS for academic instruction.

We must protect each other. Let us remain Thorobred Strong.

Forever Forward,
M. Christopher Brown II, Ph.D.
18th President