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Mom of two starts plant stand to pay for school supplies

Posted at 4:25 PM, Aug 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-14 10:33:26-04

VERSAILES, Ky. (LEX 18) — On a quiet side street in downtown Versailles, Meredith Duff is getting ready for school shopping. But there is no trip to the store. Instead it's a trip to the street corner for daughters, Joycelin, 10 and Charlotte, five years old.

The girls are helping their mother put up poster board signs advertising their plant stand. Duff is growing money to pay for their school supplies.

Plant stand.jpg
Meredith Duff and her two daughters stand around plants they are growing for their plant stand that they started to help pay for school supplies.

"So I can get a laptop for school," said Charlotte.

Duff, a single mother, says she's waited for months for unemployment checks that never came. She had to do something.

"We were a month and a half behind on rent and Charlotte needs a computer for school," said Duff. "Sustaining staying at home to do homeschooling and I'm not getting unemployment, so I have to make some money somehow."

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She says the town of Versailles has shown her family what it's like to be a true neighbor. Charlotte got excited telling us about what one man did.

"He didn't buy a plant he gave me $100 dollars," smiled the kindergartner.

Duff, who grew up in Lexington but moved to Versailles as a teenager, says she didn't appreciate her close-knit community until now.

"A small town has carried us and kept us, so glad we're here so thankful for it now," said Duff.

If anyone wants to buy plants from Meredith, she is located at 108 Bowmar Street in Versailles.