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Power outages continue: Parts of eastern Kentucky in the dark for ten days

Posted at 4:54 PM, Feb 19, 2021

HALDEMAN, Ky. (LEX 18) — For some in this part of eastern Kentucky, it's ten days and counting.

"It's hard, been real hard to heat the house," said Jonathan Mocabee who lost power in this Rowan County town five days ago.

"Boiling water to wash with," he said of how they’re getting along, before sharing that the family has to do grocery shopping daily, buying just enough for that day so the food won’t spoil.

In Rowan County alone, roughly 1,600 people are still without power, and in neighboring Elliott County, the number is closer to 2,000. Many lost power during the first ice storm we went through last Wednesday night. Others were victimized by the storms that came through on Monday afternoon and Wednesday evening. Anyone still without power is just trying to figure out a way to survive until the lights, and heat comes back on.

"We have our granddaughter who stays with us and she has epilepsy and has a feeding tube and other issues, so we’re having to go stay with our daughter so we can have power to power her pump," said Jon Ousley, who stopped to talk on his way out of town.


The nearby city of Morehead is offering warming shelters and other necessities to those in need, and the mayor here is hopeful there will be a quick resolution, or in this case, restoration.

"They're (Kentucky Power and Grayson Rural Electric) are hoping to have that back on by early next week at the latest," said Laura White-Brown. "Every time power comes back on more ice and more snow have moved in," the mayor said of this recurring weather pattern much of the state has been under since the middle of last week.

Residents are frustrated, naturally, but they see the power company trucks all over town and know the work is being done as quickly as possible.

"You can hear trees falling, so we know what's going on," Ousley said as his wife, from the passenger seat, said she noticed the power company isn't ignoring the issue.

Madame Mayor corroborated her story.

"If you go into the eastern parts of the county, you'll see areas with 40-50 trucks out working. So we know they're here doing their job and have faith that they will get it restored for us," White-Brown said.