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Sen. Rand Paul recognizes officer hurt in Lexington shooting, slams idea of 'defunding the police'

Posted at 11:02 AM, Mar 25, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Lexington police officers were honored Friday morning for their role in keeping the public safe after a shooting at a gas station last month.

Senator Rand Paul met with Lexington police officers and slammed the idea of "defunding the police."

"We need to be proud of our police," he said. "They are a big part of our community and we've gotten into this crazy zone of not appreciating what police do. We've been stopping across the country and across the state trying to draw attention to the heroism of our officers."

Earlier this year, three Lexington police officers were involved in a shooting at a local convenience store. Officer Junior Pauleus was struck but suffered a non-life-threatening injury. On Friday, Senator Paul presented him with a congressional record to honor his bravery.

"When the incident occurred his office called me that day wanting to know everything," said Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers. "[His office was] wanting to get in touch with the officer to make sure the officer was okay, make sure the officer's family was okay. For a national politician to be that concerned about things that occur in our home state is outstanding."

Sen. Paul said he supports Kentucky's police officers and has concerns that we could soon have too few of them due to the backlash many face from the public, both here at home and across the country.

"You get a skewed perception of how much crime is in your community, but then also, if there's an allegation against police you hear about it non-stop. but you don't hear about the little girl that was rescued," he said.

Senator Paul added part of the problem is that the public only consumes the criminal activity police are thrust into on a daily basis and that they don't very often see all of they good they also do in communities.