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Shenanigans restaurant serves glimpse of Buckeye School's past

Posted at 9:00 AM, Jun 27, 2024

LANCASTER, Ky. (LEX 18) — Set in a rural oasis, surrounded by rolling hills, Shenanigans might as well be a postcard of Kentucky.

“We’re nine miles out of town so people always look at me very confused, ask me why I'm there,” said Shenanigans owner Robbie Tudor.

The curb appeal from Buckeye Road is matched only by the charm of the interior. Inside, antique signs and memorabilia hang on the walls as servers bring burgers and homemade sweets to the customers.

“We’ve always tried to stay away from corporate franchise standards, but still deliver a good product,” said Tudor.

After serving with Lancaster Police for seven years, Tudor swapped the badge for a spatula, purchasing Tracy Mays and Moore which once operated as a feed and seed/general store on Buckeye Road.

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“It’s a different kind of stress. The only thing I take home from here is the smell of French fries,” joked Tudor.

Among his best-sellers are smash burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, and fries dipped in his signature spicy mayo.

Before or after they’ve stuffed themselves, patrons can often be found scanning the walls and reminiscing.

The majority of Shenanigans’ decor is old class photos and team pictures from Buckeye School, which operated down the road until the 1950s.

“For example, yesterday a retirement home visited and one of the gentlemen that came started his first teaching job at Buckeye School, so that was kinda neat just for him to look at the photos and reminisce a little bit,” said Tudor.


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In a way, Shenanigans is preserving the past to give Buckeye Road new life. Tudor believes that’s the “big seller.”

“I think it’s just the simplicity and nostalgia we have.”

You can visit Shenanigans at 8937 Buckeye Road in Lancaster.