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Still seeking justice; Nearly twenty years later, Pamela Mansell’s family wants answers

Posted at 1:57 PM, Jul 13, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — It wasn't easy for the family of Pamela Mansell to come here today. But they did it because it just might help.

"Yeah, we need some closure on this thing," said Pamela's brother Martin Pierce.

Pierce and his father, along with Mansell's two daughters, met on Briar Hill Road to discuss a case that's now 19 years old. Back in 2001, Pamela's body was discovered in a ditch here.

She was last seen alive inside Al's Bar in downtown Lexington.

"To solve a case, it takes the community's help," said Detective Anthony Delimpo, who leads the Crime Stoppers unit for the Lexington Police Department. "We have different puzzle pieces we've collected over time, but we believe somebody in the community somewhere has the extra puzzle pieces we need to solve it."

Martin Pierce wouldn't say he's thought about his sister's death every day since it happened, but he thinks about it a lot.

"...twenty years without her and she never got to see her children grow up. Never got to see her grandbabies. Never got to meet my son," Pierce said while fighting back the tears.

Heather and Pricilla Mansell were here too, also seeing the scene of their mother's death for the first time.

"I want justice for my mom, and the whole family," Pricilla said. "Twenty years- it's been too long."

Heather wants that, too, but knows that justice isn't perfect either.

"Nothing will bring my mom back," she said.

*Crime Stoppers offers a cash reward for information leading to an arrest. In addition, the family of Pamela Mansell is offering an additional $3,000 for information that helps police locate those responsible for her death. Please call the anonymous tip-line at: 859-253-2020