Case against Fayette County deputy constable accused of kissing, grabbing woman moves to grand jury

Posted at 11:31 AM, Nov 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-12 12:42:12-05

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — The case of a Fayette County deputy constable accused of kissing and grabbing a woman without her consent will move to a grand jury, a judge ruled Friday morning.

Danny Prater, who works for Constable Wade McNabb, appeared in Fayette County District Court for a preliminary hearing. In October, a woman alleged Prater kissed her, smacked her bottom, and sent her inappropriate text messages while he was in his constable's uniform.

On Friday, an SVU detective with the Lexington Police Department provided testimony about the incident, which was partially captured on Ring security camera footage.

According to the detective, the woman says the constables provided security for her apartment complex, including Prater. She said Prater approached her outside her home, took her phone, and added his number to her phone contacts. According to the detective, Ring video shows Prater smacking her bottom as she walked away to talk to a friend and continued to follow her. The woman also claims Prater later picked her up and kissed her, which was out of frame on the video. She says he was wearing his deputy constable uniform, using his constable car, and carrying a gun.

The woman also told police she was scared to fight back, fearing she’d be charged with assault on a police officer, but she eventually left her home with her children to call 911 at a nearby Kroger and file a police report.

“While she was at the Kroger parking lot, Mr. Prater texted the victim, and said, ‘Did you get worked up from me picking you up?’” the detective told the courtroom. “And she replied, ‘Just shocked.’”

Later, the detective says the woman asked Prater why he kissed her.

“She then got a notification on her Ring camera, and saw Mr. Prater walking back and forth in front of her door,” the detective said.

In October, Prater pleaded not guilty to all charges. He’s been ordered to stay away from the woman and at least 500 ft. from the apartment complex.