Case against man accused in wrong-way Laurel County crash that killed three waived to grand jury

Indictment could come next week
Posted at 3:27 PM, Aug 09, 2022

LONDON, Ky. (LEX 18) — A grand jury in Laurel County will now decide whether or not Joshua Poore will have to stand trial for his alleged role in a wrong-way collision that killed three people from the Chicago area late last month.

Today in Laurel County District Court, Lieutenant Chris Edwards of the county Sheriff’s office testified that the 21-year-old Poore entered interstate 75 near mile marker 38 heading in the wrong direction and that he was legally drunk at the time based on the results of a breathalyzer test administered at the scene.

“The first officers on the scene indicated they saw opened alcohol containers in the vehicle,” Lt. Edwards testified. “During the course of getting him out of his vehicle they suspected he had been drinking,” he continued.

Lt. Edwards said the reading on the breathalyzer test registered a .22. The legal limit in Kentucky is a .08. Because of that, Mr. Poore was made aware of “implied consent,” which allowed investigators from the Kentucky State Police to draw blood.

“He agreed to that,” Edwards noted.

The point defense attorneys could argue, should the grand jury return an indictment, is Mr. Poore’s physical and mental condition at the time he agreed to provide the blood sample. Poore sustained injuries in the wreck that required a brief hospitalization.

“Borderline unconscious,” was how the Lieutenant described Poore’s condition at the scene. Implied consent, however, is considered automatic once anyone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Additional evidence from the scene, that might be helpful in some form, wasn’t easily recovered.

“Understand, the severity of the accident made it difficult for much of anything to be preserved,” Lt. Edwards told the courtroom.

Once today’s testimony concluded, and it was determined the evidence would be heading to the grand jury members, defense counsel asked for a reduction of Poore’s bond. That request was denied. Poore’s bond is unamended from the $1,000,000 established during his arraignment hearing and he will continue to be held at the Laurel County Detention Center.