Garrard County pastor facing multiple sexual abuse charges pleads not guilty

Posted at 12:56 PM, Mar 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-03 15:53:53-05

GARRARD COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — Facing 13 counts of sexual abuse of minors, Pastor Tom Wall appeared via closed-circuit TV in Garrard County Circuit Court for his arraignment on Thursday morning.

The Pastor’s attorney, Dan Carman argued that Wall’s 100,000 dollar bond should be reduced given he isn’t a flight risk, is a long-standing community member who has cooperated with police. and that his criminal background includes only one misdemeanor conviction from twenty years ago.

According to the Grand Jury’s indictment, Wall, a pastor at the Pentecostal Fellowship Church in Lancaster, abused several children under 12 for ten years dating back to 2007. It appears as if several of the counts could include multiple instances with the same alleged victim, though the indictment only lists a victim’s initials.

Wall was arrested earlier this year in Clark County, where he posted bond and has worn an ankle monitor since. The charges there were similar to those filed in Garrard County.

“The allegation in Clark County just popped up and somebody is alleging something from 1983,” said defense attorney Dan Carman.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney had concerns that because Wall’s church helped him post bond in Clark County, it may help him once again in this matter. Circuit Court Judge, Hon. Hunter Daugherty had other concerns.

“Where is he in relation to where these alleged victims are, geographically?” the judge asked.

It wasn’t something Mr. Carman was able to answer given the age of the accusations. Carman did, however, allege that the victims might be working in unison against Wall and his family.

“We believe the accusers are linked in this regard; that they are enemies of the family,” Carman asserted, before stopping himself to realize the case wasn’t being tried during these proceedings.

Judge Daugherty chose to leave Wall’s bond unamended, choosing to take a closer look at the indictment before making such a change.

Wall is due back in court on May 5.