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TVLine: Entire cast of 'Days of Our Lives' released from their contracts

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Posted at 3:25 PM, Nov 12, 2019

(TVLINE) — Like sands through the hourglass, a popular daytime soap opera may be running out of time...

Producers of the soap opera 'Days of Our Lives' have reportedly released the entire cast from their contracts and production is going on hiatus, according to TVLine.

The indefinite hiatus is set at the end of this month.

The report said that Sony Pictures Television and NBC are in negotiations to renew the series and it has not been cancelled. Since 'Days' is shot eight months in advance, TVLine said that they have enough episode to last through Summer 2020.

Production may resume in March if the show is renewed, however, releasing the cast members from their contracts means producers have no guarantee who may return.

A source told TVLine that despite the turn of events, NBC appears to want to keep the show going.

'Days of Our Lives' has been on air since 1965.