C. Wesley Morgan on daughter's murder: Suspect had 'fantasy' about house's shelter

Posted at 10:38 PM, Feb 27, 2022

RICHMOND, Ky. (LEX 18) — Businessman and former state lawmaker C. Wesley Morgan suggested the 'doomsday style' bunker in his Madison County mansion may have played a role in a home invasion that left his daughter dead.

"She's dead because of this," Morgan said. "And it is ridiculous."

Morgan spoke with reporters in front of the Madison County Courthouse before a vigil for his daughter, Jordan, Sunday night.

"Sweetest thing that I've ever had in my life," Morgan said of his daughter, a 32-year-old lawyer.

In dramatic details, Morgan recounted the moments after the suspect, Shannon Gilday, 23, allegedly forced his way into the home.

Morgan said Gilday was able to get into the home by climbing on top of scaffolding that had been outside for construction work on a porch.

"This sorry low down piece of dog crap broke into that door," Morgan said. "[Gilday] kicked her door open and shot her probably six, seven, eight times with an AR-15."

Morgan said he then confronted the suspect, leading to an exchange of gunfire.

"He shot me three times," Morgan said, pointing to his body. "I've been shot twice in the arm and once in the hip."

Morgan believed he shot the suspect at least 11 times. He did not know how many bullets hit the suspect since he appeared to be wearing a flak jacket or bulletproof vest, Morgan said.

"This is a low-life piece of dog crap that I hope I get to engage again," Morgan said. "Because the next time it will be a totally different outcome."

When LEX 18 asked about Gilday, Morgan said he did not know him. When we mentioned that Gilday's mother had concern about her son's mental state, Morgan appeared to lend credence to the theory that Gilday wanted access to the mansion's bunker.

Growing increasingly upset, Morgan directed his ire toward the media.

"You've got to quit putting stuff out," Morgan said, noting that the bunker had been the subject of articles in the past. "It causes young ladies like my daughter at 32 years old to get killed."

Kentucky State Police said detectives have not ruled out the bunker as a possible motive.

"Until we locate Gilday and speak to him about a motive, I am unable to say with certainty what his motive might have been," said Sgt. Robert Purdy to LEX 18. "We're aware of this being a possible motive, and looking into every possibility."