Former Kentuckians bracing for Hurricane Ian as it makes landfall

Posted at 7:00 PM, Sep 28, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Jerome Young and Jennifer Hoover seemed very relaxed, considering a category 4 hurricane was closing in on their respective neighborhoods.

“You’re always concerned when it’s over a category 3, or at 3,” said Jennifer Hoover. “But these things (hurricane paths) wobble, so I’m not going to panic until there’s something to panic about,” she continued.

Jennifer used to live in Laurel County before moving to Florida not long ago. She had just finished walking her dog in light rain when she spoke with LEX 18. Pictures and videos she sent from that time showed some wind beginning to pick up as well, but not nearly as strong, or gusty as it would become in just a few hours once Hurricane Ian made landfall.

“We have plenty of water, plenty of food. We have a generator and battery packs,” she said of what they’ve stockpiled to get through the storm. She did not, however, board up her home, and noted that many of her neighbors didn’t take that precaution.

“It’s a working community, a lot of 9-5 work, so we didn’t have time to get that done,” she said.


In Ruskin, Florida, former Lexington resident Jerome Young boarded up his windows, as did many of his neighbors, though some don’t seem too concerned.

“Right across the street from me,” he explains, while pointing to his neighbor’s home during our Zoom conversation, “they’ve been here their whole lives, and they’re not worried,” he stated.

Jerome said he stocked up on supplies too, but said water was hard to come by.

“Back in Kentucky, it’s always bread and milk. Here, the water bottles have been gone since Saturday,” he said.

Jerome said he does live close to a river but a long drive from the bay in Tampa, where the storm surge could be overwhelming.

Jennifer lives only one mile from where evacuations were mandated.

“I’ve been through a few hurricanes, so I’m not freaking out or anything,” Hoover said. “Anything over a (category) 3 you pay attention to it,” she acknowledged, again.