Georgetown police officers take part in 'mock' crash to prepare for serious traffic accidents

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Posted at 3:32 PM, May 14, 2021

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (LEX 18) — More than a dozen police officers from different agencies witnessed a head-on crash Friday morning. No one was hurt, no one was even driving.

The "crash" was part of training to teach police how to reconstruct traffic accidents. The Georgetown Police Department hosted the mock crash.

"We're offering this because a few years ago some of our guys realized there's a need for traffic crash reconstructionist and there wasn't a lot of training available," said Assistant Chief Darin Allgood.

Georgetown mock crash

Corporate Boulevard near Cynthiana Road was closed to traffic during the training exercise. The crash happened as a truck pulled a small car with a long cable into a parked mini-van.

The officers were able to witness a wreck in real-time so they can reconstruct it on paper.

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"This gives them the unique perspective to witness the crash but then work the crash backward like we do when called out to work any other serious crash or fatal crash," said Lt. Nicholas Lodal.

Police say the training allows officers from different departments to compare notes in the future when working crashes. "We can network, call on each other if they have a question, help each other out one investigation to another," said Allgood.