Got insurance? State law allows for free auto glass replacement

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jan 19, 2023

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — If you’ve been driving for long enough, it’s likely happened to you at least once. A car in front of you kicks up a rock at a high speed and it takes aim at your windshield. The noise from the contact is not only startling, but the impact will more than likely leave a crack in the windshield that’ll need to be repaired, if not replaced.

This type of work can be costly, but in Kentucky, it doesn’t have to — and in most cases, it shouldn’t — cost you a dime.

“Kentucky has a unique law that if you have full coverage insurance, or comprehensive insurance, all your auto glass replacements are free. You don’t have to pay a deductible,” Josh Patrick explained.

Patrick, who runs things for Central Kentucky Auto Glass, met us at the site of a job where two of his technicians were working. He said he’s having to inform customers daily of this law, and even offers to pay their deductible if he’s ever wrong.


“I tell people every day, if for some reason you have a deductible, I’ll pay it. We’re just confident,” he said.

Patrick said many customer service representatives who work for insurance companies either aren’t aware of the law here, or they just don’t share that information with their customers.

“Because there’s only a handful of states in the United States that have a zero deductible, they will tell you that you have a deductible,” he noted.

Patrick says that anyone who has windshield damage, or glass damage of any kind from a road hazard, or from just about anything else, should call an auto glass company before calling their insurance company. He also said that any claim that he files with your insurer won’t cause your payment to rise.

“Won’t do anything to your annual premium,” he stated.