Hockey 101: Glossary

Hockey 101: Glossary
Posted at 11:48 AM, Sep 14, 2021

Back Check: Forwards in their offensive zone skate back quickly to their own defensive zone to protect their goal and keep the opponent from shooting.

Blue Line: Two lines running across the width of the rink, one on either side of the red line. The area between the blue lines is called the neutral zone.

Boards: The wall around a hockey rink (which was at one time really made of wood but which is now usually of fiberglass) measuring about 42 inches high and topped off by synthetic glass to protect the spectators while giving them a good view of the action. 

Boarding: Checking an opponent into the boards from behind. Boarding is illegal and merits a penalty.

Breakaway: An offensive rush when there is no opponent between the puck carrier and the opposition's goalie. 

Crease: The semi-circular blue painted area in front of each goal.

Dive: When a player exaggerates being hooked or tripped in an attempt to draw a penalty.

Drop Pass: A play in which a puck carrier leaves the puck behind him to be picked up by a trailing teammate.

Face-Off: The dropping of the puck between one player from each team to start or resume play.

Five-Hole: The area in the opening between a goalie's leg pads.

Flat Pass: A pass where the puck remains on the surface of the ice. A.K.A. saucer pass

Forecheck: Forwards forecheck by hurrying into the opponent's defensive zone to either keep the puck there or take it away. 

Freezing the Puck: When a player holds the puck against the boards with the stick or skates. A goalie freezes the puck by either holding the puck in the glove or trapping it on the ice.

Hat trick: When a player scores three goals in one game. 

Icing: When a player behind the red line in his end of the rink shoots a puck past the goal line in his offensive zone when both teams are playing at even strength. Play is stopped when an opponent other than the goalie touches the puck.

One Timer: The act of shooting the puck directly off a pass.

Pipe: A common reference for the goalposts.

Shorthanded: When a team is playing with fewer skaters than its opponent.

Shorthanded Goal: A goal scored by a team while it is at a player disadvantage.

Slap Shot: Hitting the puck with the blade of the stick after taking a full backswing.

Sweater: Term used for a hockey jersey.

Top Shelf: Placing a shot in the top quarter of the net.

Wrap Around: When a player skates around behind the opposing goal and attempts to wrap the puck around the goal post under the goalie. 

Wrist Shot: Shooting the puck with the blade of the stick using a quick snap of the wrist rather than a full backswing.