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Homeowner seeks help getting fallen tree removed from house

Storms from Memorial Day week are still leaving their mark on homeowners.
tree in house
Posted at 4:06 PM, Jun 22, 2024

ANDERSON, CO. — Chase Reynolds is a working Kentuckian. He works two jobs to pay his bills, is a third-generation homeowner, and is just trying to weather the storms of life.

The storms that came through Kentucky on Memorial Day weekend is still impacting people's lives, including Reynolds, who was home doing all of it. "There is this loud crash, and the house kinda moved. The whole house did, and I'm like, 'uh oh.'"

The next day, Reynolds went outside to see what that crashing sound was, and that was when he saw a tree had fallen on his house. He believes that the damage is contained to the roof and attic area.

Tree roots pulled, a window shattered, and powerlines were hanging around Chase's house. The storms took out his power, and he hasn't had it since then. There is no sign of getting it fixed soon. "The mast right here is broke. When it came down took down the power lines and had enough pull to break the meter. KU said they won't restore the power to the house until this is repaired and inspected," said Reynolds.

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Everything relies on moving the tree to check for further damage. Reynolds simply can't move the tree himself or pay someone to do it. "This is clearly more than one person can handle," said Reynolds.

Despite the challenges, his past is helping him get through each day. "If I haven't had those experiences growing up. Dealing with heat and hot weather and tough situations. I would be a mess right now," said Reynolds, "It's hard some days, but I do try."

Reynolds is looking for any help to get his yard cleared up. He is offering people free firewood and trying to set up a GoFundMe page. The tree will be in his house now and in the future until something changes.