Hope amidst the wreckage

Posted at 12:20 AM, Dec 13, 2021

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (LEX 18) — The Warren County Coroner reports at least 12 people have died in the wake of this weekend's tornado.

Along with the loss of life, more than 500 homes and dozens of businesses are left in ruins.

But among the stories of devastation, are tales of triumph and survival.

"It's devastating really. I know a lot of people here and just wanna help as much as possible," said Brittany Edwards.

There's certainly no shortage of goodwill around the city. Nearby, hundreds of volunteers packed up supplies at South Warren High School, preparing to move them to a different shelter.

"And I wish there was more that I could do, but I can't really imagine. But as a community we all gotta come together and stick together, so that's why we're here doing what we can," said Edwards.

Homes on Robin Avenue sustained heavy damage, including the house that Muang Oo lives in. But in the aftermath of the storm, the 22-year-old rushed in the street in the dead of night, running toward screams he could hear from his neighbor's home.

"I just heard yelling, screaming, so I went outside to check and then they were just yelling Bob's name," said Oo.

The tornado took most of Bob's house, leaving him standing inside what was left, bloody and confused.

"It's kinda hard cause it's either get in there, get him out, or think about him losing his life in there when all this fell. Just gotta do what you gotta do I guess," said Oo.

With the help of another neighbor, Oo got to Bob and took him out while debris was falling around them. Neighbors who had barely known each other before now inextricably linked.

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