Human remains found on Boyle County farm as family of missing Louisville woman searches for answers

Posted at 5:29 PM, Jan 23, 2023

BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — Authorities are investigating after a body was discovered on some farmland in Perryville.

On a grass field off Craintown Road, Kentucky State Police made a gruesome discovery on Friday night. Human remains were uncovered and taken by the coroner to Frankfort where the state medical examiner will work to make an identification.

Neighbors know of at least one or two cases of people in the area that have gone missing in recent years, but those possibilities are merely assumptions at this point. What we do know is that those who live near the scene were and continue to be saddened by what’s happened near their homes.

"We'd really like to know cause down in here nothing happens," said Pam Noel. "Then to hear that they found a body laying in a fence row that’s been there possibly 3-5 years. You wonder how something like that can be missed and nobody sees it."

KSP is handling the investigation. Other agencies that have assisted, including the Boyle County sheriff, are deferring to KSP, which can’t offer much more information than they already have.

While the remains have not been identified, the family of a missing Louisville woman has been in touch with KSP about the situation unfolding there.

Andrea Knabel went missing in 2019. Since then, her family has been searching for answers.

Knabel's sister, Erin, says her family is hopeful the remains found in Boyle County are not Andrea. She says her family is thinking of all the families of missing people who are waiting for answers.

But whatever the outcome of the situation in Boyle County, the Knabel family is still going to be looking for answers on what happened to Andrea.

Earlier this month, we sat down with Erin and her and Andrea's father, Michael, to talk about Andrea and where her case stands.

"What I would like those people to know is that they get news thrown at them every day and it might have been years since they've heard about Andrea missing, and talked about it – but for us, this is what we live every day, this story right here," said Erin.

Erin Knabel has worked tirelessly to keep her sister's case in people's minds.

"What you know or even what you think, any information that you might have. If you called into me or to the police, that could be the key to figuring this out so that we're not stuck here," she said.

One angle of the investigation Erin Knabel thinks hasn't been explored enough is Andrea's connections to the Lexington area. The Knabels have family in Lexington and believe Andrea has friends here and might have made several trips here leading up to her disappearance. Specifically, the Castlewood neighborhood.

"I have talked to some people from the area who said there is a lot of talk about it," she said.

Andrea's case has been covered widely by local and national news, including a series by Investigation Discovery. Her family continues to make sure she isn't forgotten.

"I know that she would never want me to stop looking for her, she would want me to get to the end of this," said Erin.

Andrea's family urges anyone with information about her or her disappearance to contact the Louisville Metro Police Department's missing persons unit. Their number is (502) 574-7120.