'I don't want the one bad thing to define him': Father reclaims son's name after he dies in crash

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Posted at 7:15 AM, Jun 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-20 10:07:50-04

(LEX 18) — Less than 24 hours after his son was killed when he was hit by a pick-up truck, a man from Sadieville spoke to LEX 18 about his loss.

"I've lost friends, family, but nothing in this world can prepare you to lose a child," said Trey Kirk.

Cody Kirk was killed when a pick-up truck hit him on Winchester Road Saturday, according to Lexington Police.

Kirk's name appeared in newscasts last month, when he was arrested and charged with burglary and arson in the third degree. Kirk was one of four people connected to a fire at an abandoned school building in Sadieville, according to the Scott County Sheriff's Office.

Kirk's father said his son admitted he was there the night of the fire, but denied setting it. According to an arrest citation, Kirk told authorities he tried to put the fire out but was unsuccessful.

"I think that was the tipping point," Kirk said of his son's arrest. "I think he realized, 'Hey, I got a problem here.'"

Once he got out of jail, Cody Kirk checked himself into a rehabilitation facility for alcohol abuse, his father said. He was working toward receiving his GED and becoming an auto diesel mechanic. His father told us Cody wanted to turn his life around for himself and his own kids.

"He has all the enthusiasm and the want-to to do better," Kirk said.

Trey and Cody Kirk met for lunch Saturday for an early Father's Day celebration.

"He told me yesterday, 'Dad I feel so good about everything that's going on,'" Kirk recounted. "And I told him, 'You look good, you're doing good, you're on the right path bud.'"

Kirk said their last conversation was just moments before his son was killed.

"I told him how proud I was of the changes he's already made in the last few weeks," Kirk said. "And I gave him a hug goodbye."

While other families were celebrating Father's Day Sunday, Trey Kirk was planning a funeral for his son. He took time to speak to LEX 18 because he wanted people to learn more about his son.

"I think in the last few weeks there's been a great misconception about who Cody was--or who Cody is," Kirk said. "And I don't want the one bad thing to define him in his life."