Jacob Wukie advances to all-U.S. matchup in archery eliminations

Jacob Wukie advances to all-U.S. matchup in archery eliminations
Posted at 6:23 AM, Jul 29, 2021

The men's archery quarterfinals in the Tokyo Olympics will have exactly one U.S. representative.

Jacob Wukie dispatched his first-round opponent 7-1 on Thursday, then survived a shoot-off point to advance to a Round of 16 matchup with world champion Brady Ellison, who didn't drop a set in his two matches on Wednesday.

Wukie was steady in his four sets in his Round of 32 opponent, Indonesia's Riau Ega Salsabilla, was wildly inconsistent. Salsabilla shot a 4, a score rarely seen at this level, with his second shot of the first set, then followed up with a 6 for a set score of 19 to Wukie's 28. Wukie got another 28 in the next set, only to see Salsabilla match that score to tied the set. In the third set, Wukie dropped to a 27, while Salsabilla hit a perfect 30.

With the overall score knotted at 3-3, Wukie shot another 27 to take the two points at stake while Salsabilla managed only a 26. But in the fifth, Salsabilla hit two straight 10s while Wukie hit two 9s, leaving little chance for Wukie to catch up on the final arrow, which he threw wide for a 6.

On the single-arrow shootout, Wukie got another 9. Salsabilla hit an 8, and the American advanced. 

Also Thursday, India's Atanu Das defeated 2012 Olympic men's champion Oh Jin-Hyek of South Korea, and Ukraine's Veronika Marchenko eliminated reigning women's world champion Lei Chien-Ying of Chinese Taipei.