KHSAA: Practice starts Monday, games begin Sept. 7

Posted at 11:53 AM, Aug 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-20 18:27:40-04

(LEX 18) — The Kentucky High School Athletic Association's Board of Governors has voted 16-2 to not change its high school sports plan for the fall.

The KHSAA met Thursday to discuss any possible changes that needed to be added to the original plan.

The meeting was scheduled last month when one member had requested further discussions concerning the safety of playing sports this fall.

Three different options were presented: sticking with the plan that was presented last month to begin playing sports, delay the start of competition until September 28th, or a hybrid model that allows low touch sports to begin earlier than high-touch sports.

A vote was taken on option two and it was voted down by a count of 15-3. A 3rd option was voted down 13-5. That means option one, presented last month, remains in place.

Several agreed during the meeting that this will be the most unusual year that high school sports has seen in our lifetimes, and it's the toughest choice this board has ever had to make.

"This is more than a whimsical decision," said KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett. "We've had people on this call working since March 12th on this situation. Not an easy decision, challenging for everyone. I think some people think we just make these choices easily. That doesn't happen."

Practices will begin on Monday, and games can begin the week of September 7th. Football will begin on September 11th. Attendance for competitions will most likely be restricted.

The board announced that they are not making a decision on postseason play until next month.

The board added that they will ask for advice and recommendations from Gov. Andy Beshear, who said he was surprised when he found out about the KHSAA's decision to move forward.

"If things move forward in a way that doesn't set us up for success, it could have a domino effect on other sports and other teams," said Gov. Beshear. "You know, I just think with high contact and low contact, we put that out in our guidance, you know that we've had that out there for months."

Gov. Beshear says he will take some to review the protocols and made a final decision at a soon-to-be later time.