'Let's make it the nicest stadium': EKU sells stadium naming rights but Roy Kidd’s name remains

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berk roy kidd stad
Posted at 5:30 PM, Sep 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-08 19:44:21-04

RICHMOND, Ky. (LEX 18) — EKU accomplished both of its goals when university officials announced plans for the corporate naming rights of Roy Kidd Stadium.

“As we had conversations with CG Bank, it was all about protecting the name that’s on there,” said EKU Director of Athletics Matt Roan.

Roan was speaking of the man for whom the stadium is named, Roy Kidd. Kidd, a Hall of Famer, carved out one of the more successful Division 1-AA (now FCS) coaching careers of all time. So, to ensure his legacy lives on and that his name remains where it is, the university will rename the venue “CG Bank Field at Roy Kidd Stadium.” It’s a first-of-its-kind partnership for the university that’ll yield $1.15 million dollars over the next 11 years.

“I think it’s significant. Certainly the number, but I think more than anything else the signal that we’re open for business. We want to do more things like this and partner with our community,” Roan added.

The infusion of cash, which averages out to be a little more than $100,000 dollars annually, doesn’t seem like a windfall, but it can go a long way here.

“In the absence of $40 or 50 million dollar TV deals, we have to roll up our sleeves and work with people who see the value in what we do,” Roan said.

When asked if the money could be used towards expanding the football stadium, Roan said it’s possible, but he’s leaning more towards renovating the place.

“Let’s make it the nicest stadium, not necessarily the biggest,” he said.

Roan added that the money can be used for just about any project, or endeavor that’ll improve the quality of the facilities for all of his student-athletes.

“An investment (like this one) allows us to do that on a high level,” Roan stated before announcing that the name change takes effect immediately.

Head football coach Walt Wells attended the announcement just one week after suffering a cardiac episode. He is thrilled to have this partnership without having to remove Kidd’s name.

“You drive on Roy and Sue Kidd Way, come to Roy Kidd Stadium. Coach Kidd is a major, major reason this university is recognized,” Wells said of his former boss.

Wells said he’s doing well after his heart procedure and could be cleared to travel with the team for this weekend’s game at Bowling Green. He feels he will definitely return to the sideline at some point this season. Watching from home last weekend, he said, was the toughest part of this whole thing.

"Thanks to Kristen Peterson, my trainer, Zach (Vigliotti), my other trainer, and Thomas Bowling, my Director of Football Operations. They’re the ones who found me, revived me, and got me on the way to better health,” Wells said, before admitting his ribs and sternum remain sore from the compressions during the resuscitation effort.