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Husband of KSP sergeant who questioned El Paso trip moves to join lawsuit

Posted at 2:22 PM, Aug 11, 2023

(LEX 18) — Months ago, Kentucky State Police Sgt. Vicki Day filed a lawsuit against KSP accusing the agency of retaliating against her for questioning a trip to El Paso that cost thousands in grant money.

Now, Day’s husband has moved to join the lawsuit, alleging that the agency retaliated against him for supporting his wife and another woman who sued the agency over allegations of sexism.

Capt. Nathan Day was recently demoted from the rank of major, according to the lawsuit.

Nathan Day was one of four men and four women that the agency sent on the trip to El Paso.

Vicki Day was not on the trip but raised questions about its legitimacy, saying that there was little to no training. KSP has maintained that the trip was legitimate and that there was training.

Vicki Day’s attorney, Thomas Clay, alleged at a previous court hearing that Nathan Day was facing pushback for supporting her.

“They've even gone so far as to tell her husband you got to make a choice, you gotta choose between KSP and your wife,” Clay said at the hearing.

As of Friday, a hearing had not yet been set to decide whether Nathan Day will be allowed to join the lawsuit with his own complaint.