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Petition seeks suspension of prosecutor accused of exchanging favors for nudes

Posted at 6:16 PM, Jul 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-18 18:16:09-04

A petition has been filed asking for the suspension of a commonwealth’s attorney after allegations that he offered favors to a criminal defendant in exchange for nude photographs and videos from her.

Citing a recent report by the Courier-Journaloutlining the allegations, the Kentucky Bar Association filed a petition last week to the Kentucky Supreme Court asking that Commonwealth’s Attorney Ronnie Goldy be temporarily suspended.

Goldy serves Montgomery, Bath, Menifee, and Rowan Counties.

The Inquiry Commission authorized the petition, which states that Goldy “poses a substantial threat of harm to his clients or the public.” The petition asks that the court issue an order “as soon as possible.”

Additionally, the petition states that the Inquiry Commission has initiated its own disciplinary proceedings against Goldy.

“He has abused his office (an office which he could not have held if he were not an attorney), abused the trust of the public, and brought the legal system of Kentucky into serious disrepute,” the petition states. “His conduct shows a clear lack of fitness to practice law in Kentucky, much less represent the Commonwealth in serious criminal matters.”

The petition goes on to say that Goldy should be temporarily suspended even if he resigns his office in light of the allegations.

The Kentucky Supreme Court has not yet issued an order in response to the petition.

The allegations against Goldy surfaced as part of a criminal case against former Circuit Court Judge Beth Maze, who served in the same circuit as Goldy for years. The attorney for Maze, Thomas Clay, released to LEX 18 the screenshotsof the alleged messages between Goldy and the woman.

LEX 18 reached out to Goldy for comment after the allegations surfaced, but has not heard back.