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Family clings to hope, justice for unsolved homicide victims

Posted at 6:44 PM, Jun 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-13 19:14:58-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Alishia Green still remembers the last text her brother sent. It read, "I love you, queen."

She had just seen him an hour before during dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

D'Andre Green was gunned down on the 500 block of Anniston Drive on January 3. He was 24 years old and a father of two.

"It's still traumatizing," said Alishia tearfully.

It was the very first homicide of 2022. Five months later, the Green family is still waiting for any sense of justice they can get.

Alishia says police have been keeping them updated, and as time goes by, their family is starting to get closer to the answers they're looking for.

"Of course, it's not much that has solved it, but it's progress," said Alishia. "It was a relief just to know that case was still being worked."

Right now, eight other families of homicide victims are waiting for progress in Lexington out of the 22 homicides this year. Forty percent of homicides are unsolved.

Of homicides that happened in 2021, 65% are unsolved.

Alishia feels like the police will eventually solve her brother's case.

Lexington police haven't released any new details into Green's murder investigation, but they say they're always investigating all of the unsolved homicides and looking for new leads. They're hoping the community help fill in current voids of information.

Alishia says the Green family is hoping for the community's help as well.

"It's gonna take a lot to make it happen. I mean, in all reality, it's gonna take the community because police can sit and poke and poke and it's not gonna work," said Alishia.

Lexington police sent this statement:

"No homicide is closed until charges have been placed. The Lexington Police Department will continue to work on solving each case and will follow up on every lead until charges have been placed. Homicides can be complex cases, and sometimes it takes a single small piece of information to complete the picture. No tip or information is unimportant. The Lexington Police Department needs witnesses to come forward and cooperate with the investigations; this includes shooting victims and others that were in the area when a crime occurred. Tips can be made anonymously, but we have to have probable cause for an arrest and be able to independently corroborate the information given. Whether it is information about a shooting or homicide, we need individuals to step up and help end the violence. 

Bluegrass Crimestoppers announced today that they would be raising the payout on tips that lead to an arrest or arrests in any unsolved homicide in 2022 to $2,500. " - Hannah Sloan , Public Information Office for the Lexington Police Department.

Because of the help of tips that have come in this year, police were able to arrest at least 10 homicide suspects, according to publicly shared crime data.

Alishia's faith keeps her hopeful that just the right tip will bring justice for D'Andre and her family peace.

"That little piece of hope that there is gonna be justice in the end," said Alisha.