Lexington-based security provider warns of fake door-to-door salesmen trying to trick homeowners

Bates Security
Posted at 12:54 PM, Jun 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-07 13:11:32-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — This time of year, you may notice more salespeople going door-to-door selling various products, but a local security provider wants to warn you about security scams in the Lexington and Central Kentucky area.

Bryan Bates, Vice President of Bates Security, says people from out-of-town may show up to your home unannounced and act as if they are from your own security company, taking advantage of the trust you have with your provider.

"They trick you into thinking they are with Bates Security to get into your home and then to trick you into switching to their service," Bates said. "They apply high-pressure sales tactics and you end up stuck in a five-year contract that you didn't realize you were signing."

Bates warns that no one from Bates Security will show up to your house without a pre-arranged appointment and will always have an ID badge identifying them as an employee of Bates Security. Bates Security urges homeowners to be on the lookout for the signs of these home security scams.

These salespeople will include at least one of the following in their sales pitches:

  • Show up at your house with no appointment and insist on coming inside.
  • Request access to your security system or tells you that your system has been recalled, requires replacement, repairs or the communicator needs replacing.
  • Tells you that your current home security provider is no longer in business, no longer services this area, or was sold to their company.
  • Posing as your current provider, they’ll ask you to sign a new contract to ensure your security service continues.
  • Shows fake documents to support claims they need access to your system.
  • Uses high-pressure tactics to force you to sign a new contract on the spot and won’t allow you to contact your current provider.

If you are approached by these salespeople you should do the following:

  • Do not let them in. If they tell you that they need to come in, ask them to have the company call you and set up an appointment. If you tell them to leave and they refuse to, call the police.
  • Ask for a business card or the company's phone or website. Ask for an email address or mailing address for your records.
  • Tell them you need more time to think about it. Do some research on the company, utilizing the Better Business Bureau.
  • If you signed a contract with these scams, under the law, the salesperson must notify you about this right and include two copies of a cancellation form with your contract – one to keep and one to send back. If the salesperson did not provide these forms, contact your state Attorney General's office for help. You can also file a complaint about the company through the FTC Complaint Assistant site.

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