Lexington woman arrested, charged for alleged criminal child abuse

Posted at 10:34 AM, Jun 13, 2024

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. Some details may be disturbing.

A Lexington woman was arrested and charged on Wednesday with criminal abuse of a child after she allegedly beat the child with an extension cord and broom, according to a citation from the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The citation read that 46-year-old Karen Hendricks, who is the mother of the child under the age of 12, "intentionally abused the child she is in custody of, causing a serious physical injury."

The child reportedly told the Department for Community Based Services during an interview that his mother "beat him with an extension cord and stick all over his body causing bruising," according to the citation. Further, the child detailed that his mother allegedly hit him in the head with a broom and caused bruising around the eye.


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The citation noted that officials saw several bruises of different stages on the child's arms and legs along with the child's head, face, eyes, and neck.

In addition, the citation read that the University of Kentucky Hospital evaluated the child and found a "hematoma on the back of the child's head."

Hendricks was with "Criminal Abuse 1st Degree-Child 12 or Under," the citation detailed.