Parents react day after bomb threat

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Posted at 5:45 PM, Sep 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-23 14:12:02-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Fayette County High Schools students returned to the classroom today, one day after a bomb threat shut down four different Lexington high schools.

Students were evacuated, but fortunately, nothing was ever found.

When Melissa Reizian first learned about the situation from her son, she left her home near Dunbar HS and drove to the back entrance.

"At first it looked kind of orderly, groups of kids walking around the track, walking around the parking lot. And you could see many kids being led by teachers, but there were lots of kids who were not with any adults," said Reizian.

While parked, Reizian began receiving the first of many texts from FCPS about the threat. Reizian believes that safety does come first for administrators.

But she says it appeared some students walked off the school's campus, and left, before checking out.

"Let's make sure we know where all the kids are when we evacuate the school. Let’s make sure they're not wandering through the neighborhoods off to the busy streets," said Reizian.

Kelly Abraham is a parent at Lafayette High School and praised the district's response and communication.

"Honestly as a parent, it was seamless," said Kelly Abraham. "I have complete and utter confidence in our administration, in our school district, and in our teachers that their best interests are our children."

Both Abraham and Reizian sent their kids back to school this morning. Their backpacks still intact where they left them and they stayed for a normal day in the classroom.

During the evacuation yesterday, students were sent to the football stadium at each affected high school.

Reizian asked us if we knew whether or not the stadiums were checked out to make sure they were safe beforehand.

We reached out to Fayette County Schools for an answer to this, and a few other questions, but have not yet received a response.