130932227_10221624342492204_4884380357413499254_n.jpg Heather Sublett's boyfriend proposed to her, and she said YES!Photo by: Heather Sublett 130765362_10157981835671476_5456846376016706373_o.jpg Cohen Clark was born just a few short days before the start of the pandemic, according to her mother, Courtney Isaacs. They learned how to be a family of four. Her oldest son, Lochlan, turned 3 and is fully potty trained. Courtney's husband got to work from home and help with the new baby, and her now 9-month-old has taken his first steps. The couple was also able to get some work done on their house.

"Although it was scary, and I fought some postpartum depression along the way, I now see the great opportunity we had to celebrate each moment at home," she says.
Photo by: Courtney Isaacs
131462160_852305162238733_4334321213302486314_n.jpg Caitie Lamb graduated from Bluegrass Community & Technical College this year. She and her husband also celebrated one year of being married and have started the process of closing on their first house together. Catie's halfway finished with a book that will potentially help young teens that may be in unhealthy relationships. She also says she has started back on blogging and is about to purchase a website to further her writing career.Photo by: Caitie Lamb 131210053_3575445545827710_7042605180696691302_n.jpg "The birth of this sweet boy 💙" says his mother, Katie Allen.Photo by: Katie Allen 131051819_10221120978868749_5762814607046650322_n.jpg Miche Branscum's son was named a Humane Hero for RedRover Kind News magazine.Photo by: Red Rover Magazine 130816962_3701742316515206_1552023835213106984_n.jpg Teffany Day gave birth to her "sweet baby girl" in May.Photo by: Teffany Day 130575368_2720395621545098_3359987567922230701_o.jpg Ashley Bingham and her boyfriend learned they are expecting!Photo by: Ashley Bingham 130819287_3560934540657158_5053926861245769641_o.jpg Joni Blanton and her family moved into their "forever home!"Photo by: Joni Blanton 131278410_10157889970606404_5418126654360651960_o.jpg Amy Fox now has a beautiful daughter to be thankful for this year!Photo by: Amy Fox 131055186_4149796588384337_1210038406916594353_n.jpg Deborah Sjuts graduated from the Medical Institute of Kentucky this year.Photo by: Deborah Sjuts 131092892_3966006923429126_998656023861324721_n.jpg Angie Pearson now has her second grandbaby!Photo by: Angie Pearson 131668492_10159266965956209_5086105871494056281_n.jpg Caitlyn Campbell adopted Molly from the Lexington Humane Society in May.

"She has gotten me through so much this year!" she says.
Photo by: Caitlyn Campbell
131024125_2762534507344073_8848752457016902365_n.jpg Hollie Harrison gave birth to her first boy.Photo by: Hollie Harrison 131631190_10223674608468492_885817318891515_n.jpg April O'Brien says she got one of her dream cars! She also got a new tattoo and was able to travel to places like Las Vegas, West Virginia, and Texas this year.Photo by: April O'Brien 131888720_1833950066754002_3769161212975057302_n.jpg Natalie Runge graduated from the University of Kentucky this year and got her first teaching job!Photo by: Natalie Runge 130879033_10224613411177696_2163668322607959349_n.jpg Ryan Cook now has a baby boy! He was born in April.Photo by: Ryan Cook 131023552_3841436815887926_5076909521517547772_o.jpg Earlene Johnson and her husband got married earlier this year.Photo by: Earlene Johnson 130739979_10103007515922421_3303069689438764678_o.jpg Shayla Dunn says she gave birth after years of trying!Photo by: Shayla Dunn 130817600_10158995845947171_8561092039143003311_n.jpg Megan Redmon graduated with a degree in Accounting from Eastern Kentucky University.Photo by: Diane Redmon 131121499_10219321841544626_1875201335048375490_o.jpg Tosha Garner married her husband this year. "I also became a stepmom to the two beauties on the left, blessing my princess with siblings," she says.Photo by: Tosha Garner 131214523_2587462568169966_1170007854313063293_n.jpg Rebecca Henson gave birth to her beautiful baby back in May. She says it's "such a blessing!"Photo by: Rebecca Henson 131152833_10100134982756023_6250417788346143095_n.jpg "We got married in August after having to reschedule/postpone only to have to deal with the remnants of Hurricane Laura!" says Jennifer Tipton Neaves. "Everything turned out perfect that day though!"Photo by: Jennifer Tipton Neaves 131889399_3500706743341221_1825967319253538656_n.jpg Sarah Fitzgerald's youngest child is now a year old!Photo by: Sarah Fitzgerald 131888972_3500708226674406_5168557876423530636_n.jpg ...and her twins turned 3 years old earlier this month!Photo by: Sarah Fitzgerald 131416154_10103007550373381_7555927960523694152_o.jpg Ashley Frye's cousin got into the University of Kentucky's College of Dentistry program. She says the news "made her year!"

"He has worked his heart out at Transy the last 4 years!" says Frye. "Myself and my whole family are IMMENSELY proud of him!!"
Photo by: Ashley Frye
131888720_10214536731332411_7862326018153228268_n.jpg Terri Briemer graduated with an associate's degree in science. She also passed her first semester of nursing school!Photo by: Terri Briemer 130830620_1823692884473862_722571263569052146_o.jpg Sierra Davis's daughter, Alexis Bree, was born in May!

"Delivery with her was much different than I imagined, but she was still a huge light in a pretty dark time!" she says.
Photo by: Sierra Davis
130708105_10158111248343440_5600722930878858979_n.jpg Hillary Godbey says she met the love of her life. The happy couple is now married!Photo by: Hillary Godbey 131304244_10157306372882245_3060914530551340354_n.jpg Rachel Pickrell gave birth to another little girl this year. She calls it the "best thing to come out of 2020!"Photo by: Rachel Pickrell 131662605_10219002274596277_3721610185489643077_n.jpg Heaven Wickline gave birth to her 4th daughter back in July. She also has a new niece (born in January) and nephew (born in May) to add to her growing family! Heaven moved back home to Kentucky from Florida in November after being away from home for 3 years.

"2020 has been a good year for me," she says.
Photo by: Heaven Wickline
131354012_10218321251718412_2228268016631685122_n.jpg Ashley Garrett's fiancé finished a year of chemo and has had stable scans all year!

"We are 2 years into this fight against brain cancer," says Garrett. "God has brought him through 2 brain surgeries, strong radiation, and a year of chemo. He is doing AMAZING! He works every day, helps with laundry and dishes, and is the BEST daddy to our 2 boys. We hope that one day we will hear the words 'the cancer is gone.' I believe we will!!!"
Photo by: Ashley Garrett
131361089_212183910349837_7469450994773702197_o.jpg Becca Ann Robinson has used the pandemic to get in better shape. The first picture was taken in May of this year and the second is from December!Photo by: Becca Ann Robinson 131011239_404437717428053_9003371632029990881_n.jpg Sarah Warfield and her husband got married this year!Photo by: Sarah Warfield 130920995_10214774227868884_6152969758986033613_n.jpg Miriah Hudson and her husband also got married this year!Photo by: Miriah Hudson 130922145_10104826388407847_8056287562295699591_n.jpg Chasidy Callihan's son now has a baby sister!Photo by: Chasidy Callihan 131015575_10165113132970311_8949798967525275755_o.jpg Rebecca Brock and her husband got married in October.Photo by: Rebecca Brock 131255159_5321148224563793_5723671068258230453_n.jpg Barbara Chaney has a new addition to her family! Barbara now has another grandson.Photo by: Barbara Chaney Untitled.jpg Tiffany Coldiron passed her nurse Practitioner boards!Photo by: Tiffany Coldiron 131029650_10221307322186816_6184627612632608020_n.jpg Whitney Johns graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in elementary education degree in December!Photo by: Whitney Johns 131816543_1513757448818693_2704195689657302094_n.jpg Chanda Davis's daughter was born on January 1, 2020. She also got a certificate from the state of Kentucky being welcomed to the state of Kentucky because she was born on January 1st.

"Even with everything going on in the world, she is by far the best part of 2020," Chanda says.
Photo by: Chanda Davis
131133207_10224258718672120_1060076236456412534_n.jpg Laura Glastetter-Stone and her daughter, Abby, both graduated from universities in May. Abby received her bachelors degree from Lindenwood University in Missouri and Laura graduated with my Ph.D. In Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of Kentucky.Photo by: Laura Glastetter-Stone 131024120_2761065290824582_3053630484984462379_n.jpg Karissa Thomas added her 4th baby girl to her family!Photo by: Karissa Thomas 131342519_10221185628889109_5724295919915900782_n.jpg Stormi Cummins Stafford married the love of her life, Daniel, on October 10th!Photo by: Stormi Cummins Stafford 131006528_380936723136691_3148714351628776887_n.jpg Kortney Crowe gave birth to her 3rd baby girl on October 9th!Photo by: Kortney Crowe 131102665_10165169409080599_7378540659072575612_o.jpg Brandis Cox moved to her new home on the farm!Photo by: Brandis Cox 130860791_10217185964059519_6508298420318939543_n.jpg Beth Parker now has her 4th grandchild! Beth's son is a medic with the Army National Guard and was deployed to Afghanistan for a year. Their mission was cut short and he was able to safely come home after 6 months.Photo by: Beth Parker 131411218_10106984032719652_9194061795055720440_n.jpg Stephanie Barsotti tied the knot! She married who she calls her "best friend."Photo by: Stephanie Barsotti 131269316_1358475511183969_6108259685227318162_n.jpg Michael Riley credits the pandemic for assisting him in meeting his girlfriend. They've been dating for 8 months now.Photo by: Michael Riley 130929437_10224177518488534_4831176875426640571_o.jpg Mallory Ann Current graduated nursing school as the president of her class. She's now working at Baptist Health in Lexington and is helping take care of people battling COVID-19.Photo by: Mallory Ann Current 131545791_10208046930128183_4436239705900424924_n.jpg Monique Zahabi graduated from nursing school this year and has already started working in her career field.Photo by: Monique Zahabi received_3415360195356155.jpeg William Brown had to change his wedding date four different times, and was finally able to get married on Halloween! He's now married to his wife, Bobbi, who he calls "Bayberry."Photo by: William Brown thumbnail_processed.jpg Sharon KeysPhoto by: Sharon Keys graduated from Bluegrass Community & Technical College with an Associate in Applied Science degree at the age of 64. She started and stopped her education throughout the years but other responsibilities got in the way. However, in 2018, an adviser told her she only needed 19 more credit hours to graduate. She graduated this December and her grandchildren were able to see her accomplishment! thumbnail_image0.png Baby Korbyn was born on September 26, 2020. He was early at 33 weeks and 2 days and spent almost a month in the NICU. His family says he's home and very healthy now!Photo by: The Mastin Family thumbnail_image0.jpg Jennifer Carmack and her husband, Shannon, planned to get married and thought of postponing their wedding with COVID-19. At the last minute, they decided to go to Florida and get married on the beach. Congrats to the happy couple!Photo by: Jennifer Carmack image000000(7).jpg Carrie McDanald's first grandchild, Will, was born!Photo by: Carrie McDanald 20200228_094331.jpg Jamie Bright, of Danville, power-walked the Walt Disney World Princess 5K in 60 minutes. The 57-year-old is a primary instructional assistant at Woodlawn Elementary School.Photo by: Jamie Bright thumbnail_IMG_9306.jpg Samantha and Kelbee Gill got married on July 4th!Photo by: Samantha and Kelbee Gill thumbnail_IMG_6585.jpg The couple also had their first baby in March!Photo by: Samantha and Kelbee Gill 20200925_152627.jpg 6-year-old Preston Adams beat leukemia and finished treatment this year! He was diagnosed when he was 3 years old. Now, he gets to live a normal life and has started kindergarten.Photo by: Amanda Adams IMG_0993.jpeg After trying for many years, Mindy and Trey Greenwell received a blessing in 2020. The Frankfort couple is expecting a baby boy in April 2021 and couldn't be more excited. They also bought their first house together.Photo by: Mindy Greenwell thumbnail_IMG_0531.jpg Lauren Yonut married her husband, Brian, on June 24!Photo by: Lauren Yonut thumbnail_image0.jpg Matthew Sparks and his wife welcomed their precious baby boy into the world after four years of struggling with infertility.Photo by: Matthew Sparks 133890891_3546842032066550_824279544796094490_n.jpg Amy Gibson Smith is going to be a grandmother! Sarah and Clint Smith are expecting their first child together. Amy says she's been waiting for a long time for this moment.Photo by: Amy Gibson Smith 131898245_10220443770779116_5219082314593943791_n.jpg Stephanie Taylor married the love of her life... and their dog was the ring bearer!Photo by: Stephanie Taylor 131943888_10157872735364786_9206047058953767968_n.jpg Missy Martin and her daughter graduated from Somerset Community College in May.Photo by: Missy Martin 131890519_10217693882838585_3055969843550074155_o.jpg Kelsey Scott welcomed her first child! She will be one next month.Photo by: Kelsey Scott 131474639_3317097435063571_2327513420932323394_o.jpg Angela Robinson's daughter got her birthday wish... riding lessons!Photo by: Angela Robinson 131909700_10222492052477800_9015759452162864625_n.jpg Amy Chasteen's daughter became an RN.Photo by: Amy Chasteen 131890600_753299498610646_6596123243201061133_n.jpg Justin and Ashley Wagers now have a new baby boy! Baby Foster was born back in May. The couple says he, by far, has been the best thing that has happened to them this year.Photo by: Justin and Ashley Wagers 131478409_4218185611544878_2045429051849792853_n.jpg Mary Proctor is now a homeowner! Her sister is also expecting her first child.Photo by: Mary Proctor 131485683_10215052153096071_1210442714960197953_n.jpg Mary Buffin Alcorn says she lost more than 50 pounds this year!Photo by: Mary Buffin Alcorn 131409656_1698494743686218_8496026457518104193_o.jpg Becky Hawkins's 6th grandchild, Dawson, was born this year.Photo by: Becky Hawkins 131389520_1698494900352869_3757304751301159168_o.jpg 5 days later, her great-nephew, Eastyn, was born.Photo by: Becky Hawkins 131819641_2052496931569618_2403693075131385641_n.jpg Brooke Rader graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in elementary education.Photo by: Brooke Rader 131791938_10220623190222929_5558984528002200007_n.jpg Joanne Renee Watts has added a couple of goats to her family!Photo by: Joanne Renee Watts 131887796_4210739228952942_5296541033086315050_o.jpg Samantha Sparks's family got to go to Florida and see the beach for the first time.Photo by: Samantha Sparks 131890351_3967265433307505_7238236102781357795_n.jpg The Fields Family adopted 3 children on May 4th, 2020 over Zoom!Photo by: Kayla Renee Fields 131902753_1817397818410081_522502417537649489_n.jpg Dustin Robinson says he spent a lot more time hiking and working on getting better with his camera this year.

"140 hikes and counting with a couple weeks left in 2020," Dustin says.
Photo by: Dustin Robinson
131819641_10221614777352324_3692849213413294854_n.jpg Morgan Breiner Kelly found out her family will be adding another precious baby boy to their family. She calls it the best thing to come from 2020.Photo by: Morgan Breiner Kelly 131896589_4075716749111187_6919003656721491598_n.jpg Jessica McFerron had a quarantine wedding. She says it was just them, the preacher, his wife, and a photographer. "It was stress-free and beautiful," she says.Photo by: Jessica McFerron 131902148_2276093672536489_7393759321002139263_n.jpg Sarah MacDonald Whitely's husband returned home from service.Photo by: Sarah MacDonald Whitely 131892091_10225562579156867_8231570514888938298_o.jpg Kathy Ockerman Lairson was able to spend time with her new granddaughter, Layla Aubrey. Kathy also retired from her job at Toyota.Photo by: Kathy Ockerman Lairson 131256710_687834028758912_3549012415927000797_n.jpg Tennessee Raymer helped open Nutrishop on East High street in Downtown Lexington in June!Photo by: Tennessee Raymer 130722554_3888217541210606_5156805823123796100_n.jpg Keely Moussette graduated from college and got her first teaching job!Photo by: Keely Moussette 131339412_10215845476124407_3590893369192744210_n.jpg Christal Holman was blessed with another grandson in July! The baby boy is still waiting to meet his father who is currently deployed.Photo by: Christal Holman 131444030_10225575460475969_4842860539318839367_n.jpg Sommer Dawn Calvert graduated nursing school and started her career at UK in the pediatric ICU!Photo by: Sommer Dawn Calvert 130837409_10218781390788164_1342613440515128426_n.jpg Jenalee Zometa graduated from college and got her degree in Elementary Education.Photo by: Jenalee Zometa 131115544_10164909598590195_7574705607435752107_o.jpg Amberly and Jake Whitaker are expecting a baby boy in May 2021!Photo by: Amberly Whitaker 131378348_10222035833703892_3818844100474631168_n.jpg Amie Miller Moore graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Masters in Counseling, specializing in clinical mental health counseling.Photo by: Amie Miller Moore 131888657_10104942540656183_4595140447157503891_o.jpg Jessica Anne Owsley lost 60 pounds since April! "I decided enough was enough!" she says.Photo by: Jessica Anne Owsley 131675247_3825614050783557_4710933332965751966_o.jpg Rebecca Sloan says she got engaged to a wonderful man, bought a house, and added a rescued puppy to their household.

"This year has had many struggles, even now, but we are sure counting our blessings!" Rebecca said.
Photo by: Rebecca Sloan
130942389_10221186192943210_6667551766739268174_n.jpg Tara Ross Custard gave birth to her 4th and last baby, Kambree James!Photo by: Tara Ross Custard 131022799_3629729793717230_7344565909652932555_n.jpg Ruth Tutewiler bought her first new house. Congrats, Ruth!Photo by: Ruth Tutewiler 131029124_4266918326658691_999900987468785071_n.jpg Whitney Nicole Kunce and her husband, John, got married in September!Photo by: Whitney Nicole Kunce 131889404_10157761296002227_7826377286622005055_o.jpg Gayle Elaine Cinnamon says she "finally" finished her Bachelor's degree and is set to begin her Master's (virtually)!Photo by: Gayle Elaine Cinnamon 131890013_10215440949532037_8512349773670716019_n.jpg Suzanne Barker Griffith says this stray kitty showed up at her house, and she decided to keep him.Photo by: Suzanne Barker Griffith 131101772_3952960838081383_543499007085278965_o.jpg Sammie Pattie got engaged and recently found out she's pregnant!Photo by: Sammie Pattie 130980721_3430653136984305_1392645767787649497_n.jpg Jessica Baker says she married her best friend, Griff!Photo by: Jessica Baker 131145127_10217521072006705_1905258239763250721_n.jpg Rachael Premo opened a brand new business: In the Garden, Cut Flowers and Gifts.Photo by: Rachael Premo 131442547_10217253582365981_3988188386191822643_n.jpg Gina Flygstad is adding another grandchild to her family!Photo by: Gina Flygstad