Burger1.jpg The El Papi Burger (Agave & Rye)Two all beef burger patties, white cheddar, ham & bacon mix, shredded lettuce, tomato, mayo, ketchup, all on a toasted brioche bun.Located at: 3535 Nicholasville Rd (Fayette Mall) and 123 N. BroadwayPhoto by: Lexington Burger Week Burger2.jpg Athenian Bifteki Burger (Athenian Grill)Athenian handmade beef burger layered with feta cheese, cucumber, tomato and tzatziki.Located at: 313 S. Ashland Ave. and 120 E Main St.Photo by: Lexington Burger Week Burger3.jpg Bat Out of Hell Burger (Bear & The Butcher)Grilled meatloaf topped with American cheese, smoked ketchup, lettuce, mashed potato and brown gravy on a grilled brioche bun.Located at: 815 Euclid AvenuePhoto by: Lexington Burger Week Burger4.jpg Holy Moly Stromboli (Big City Pizza)“Kentucky Stromboli” is topped with deli pepperoni, house made pizza sauce, and 100% whole milk mozzarella. The top is drizzled with garlic butter and a sprinkle of "pizza crack". Located at: 2312 Sir Barton Way #110 and 1060 Chinoe Rd #128Photo by: Lexington Burger Week Burger5.jpg Wine Down Burger (BRU Burger Bar)Signature patty blend, topped with gorgonzola and grapes, a red wine reduction, mayo, and onion straws.Located at: 3010 Lakecrest CirclePhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger6.jpg Summer Smash Burger (Burger Fi)Top toasted bun coated with barbeque sauce and lettuce, bottom toasted bun layered with a single angus patty with swiss cheese, garlic aioli, pineapple salsa finished with a drizzle of ghost pepper honey.Located at: 1816 Alysheba Way (Hamburg) and 141 Rojay Dr (Fayette Mall)Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger7.jpg Basil Burger (Campus Pub)½ lb. patty with lettuce, tomato, bacon, sautéed onions and a basil aioli. Located at: 393 Waller Ave UNIT 18Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger8.jpg Burger Shot (Chevy Chase Inn)A shot of tequila, a shot of tomato juice, and a shot of pickle juice. For ages 21 and up. Located at: 833 Euclid Ave.Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger9.jpg Parking Lot (County Club)Charcoal grilled beef with grilled onions, smoked summer pepper mayo, tomato and mozzarella.Located at: 555 Jefferson St.Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger10.jpg Banana Split Ice Cream Burger (Crank and Boom)This delightful concoction is made with a North Lime glazed donut, Banana + Chocolate Ice Cream, fresh pineapple, house made strawberry sauce and topped with fresh whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.Located at: 1210 Manchester Street and 3101 Clays Mill Road #301Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger11.jpg All "B" It Burger (Drake's - Brannon Crossing)A fresh, never frozen burger with creamy brie, smoked bacon, citrus-splashed arugula & blueberry-bourbon BBQ sauce on a warm butter-toasted bun.Located at: 390 East Brannon RoadPhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger12.jpg Creole Burger (Drake's Hamburg)A fresh, never frozen blackened burger with Swiss, cheddar, lettuce, tomato & Cajun heat aioli on a warm butter-toasted bun.Located at: 1880 Pleasant Ridge DrivePhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger13.jpg Southern Comfort Burger (Drake's - Lansdowne)A fresh, never frozen Old Bay-seasoned burger with creamy pimento cheese, crunchy potato chips, mayo & pickles on a warm butter-toasted bun.Located at: 3347 Tates Creek RoadPhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger14.jpg The Baja Burger (First Watch)Lean white-meat turkey patty with avocado, organic mixed greens, house made pico de gallo, mayo and horseradish Havarti on a brioche bun.Located at: 1080 S. Broadway, Suite 301; 2251 War Admiral Way, Suite 130, 119 West Reynolds Rd., 2894 Richmond Rd., 100 Tiger Way (Georgetown)Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger15.jpg Burger, Fries and a Drink (Gold Star Chili)Any burger, fries and a drink. Burgers include: Class hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger and the chili burger.Located at: 101 Lawson Drive (Georgetown)Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger16.jpg Off The Cob Burger (Goodwood Frankfort)Certified Angus Beef burger topped with roasted Mexican street corn dip, crispy jalapeños, lettuce and tomato topped with a tortilla chip. Also available as a vegetarian black bean and corn patty.Located at: 109 W Main St, Frankfort, KY 40601Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger17.jpg Good Guac Burger (Goodwood Lexington)Certified Angus Beef Burger topped with house made guacamole, pepper jack cheese, crispy jalapeños, lettuce and tomato topped with a tortilla chip. Also available was a vegetarian black bean and corn patty.Located at: 200 Lexington Green Cir. Suite 110Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger18.jpg Beerfest Burger (Harry's - Hamburg)A fresh, never frozen burger with warm beer cheese, smoked bacon, horseradish-celery seed slaw, pickle chips & house mustard on a warm butter-toasted bun.Located at: 1920 Pleasant Ridge DrivePhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger19.jpg The Big Easy Burger (Harry's - Palomar)A fresh, never frozen blackened Cajun burger with provolone, smoked ham, olive relish, lettuce, tomato & remoulade on a warm butter-toasted bun. Located at: 3735 Palomar Centre DrivePhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger20.jpg Rooftop Rodeo Burger (Infinity: Rooftop Restaurant Bar + Bar)Seasoned Burger Patty topped with brisket, jalapeno cream coleslaw, cheddar and queso cheese with remoulade sauce on a toasted brioche bun.Located at: 150 W Main St. (Inside Lexington Marriott City Center)Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger21.jpg Trinidad Burger (Jack's Sandbar and Grill)Grilled beef patty topped with lettuce, red onion and grilled pineapple, and smothered in a sweet and spicy Trinidad Angostura Bitters Reduction.Located at: 2536 Larkin Rd. (Inside Malibu Jack's)Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger22.jpg Big Bad Boy and Meatloaf Madness Burger (Josanne's Homestyle Kitchen)Big Bad Boy - Fresh Made Burger topped with pulled pork, creamy coleslaw, crispy onion ring, and BBQ sauce on a toasted bun.Meatloaf Madness Burger - Homestyle Meatloaf Burger topped with a red Sauce and fried potato cake on a toasted bun.Located at: 3449 Buckhorn Drive, Suite 100Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger23.jpg Summer Breeze and Walking on Sunshine Burger (La Petite Delicat)Summer Breeze Burger - Filled with watermelon puree and chopped mint leaves then blended in white chocolate ganache.Walking on Sunshine Burger - Filled with piña colada buttercream and dried candied pineapple.Located at: 722 National AvenuePhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger24.jpg Cheeseburger Deluxe Pizza (LaRosa's Pizzaria)Tastes just like a Deluxe Cheeseburger on a pizza crust - with special burger sauce, ground beef, bacon, roasted onions, pickles, provolone and cheddar cheeses.Located at: 2890 Richmond Road and 115 Southland DrivePhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger25.jpg Showstopper (LexLive)A never frozen baked and seared tender meatloaf patty smothered in a caramelized Maple Bourbon Glaze topped with crispy bacon and a savory mac and cheese on a toasted Brioche bun.Located at: 301 S. BroadwayPhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger26.jpg Burger with a Peruvian Twist (Maty's Authentic Peruvian Cuisine)Seasoned ground beef patty with Peruvian huancaina sauce and encebollado (sauteed onion, tomato and Peruvian peppers) on a brioche bun served with sweet potato rounds.Located at: 4371 Old Harrodsburg Rd. #160Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger27.jpg Merrick Burger and Barrel House Burger (Merrick Inn)Merrick Burger - 8oz of hand patted daily ground beef with your choice of cheese served with lettuce, tomato and onion.Barrel House Burger - 8oz of fresh ground beef, bacon, onion straws, smoked cheddar and Maker's BBQ SauceLocated at: 1074 Merrick Dr.Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger28.jpg Fiery Chipotle Burger (Mi Pequena Hacienda)Seasoned beef patty topped with mozzarella cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato and smothered in a chipotle barbecue sauce. Served with fries. Located at: 110 Cynthia Drive (Brannon Crossing) and 3501 Lansdowne DrivePhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger29.jpg Crabby Cheese Burger (Mimi's Southern Style Cooking)Seasoned beef patty topped with southern style mac and cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and red onion. Vegetarian option subs out the beef patty and bacon for a grilled portabella mushroom. Located at: 126 E New Circle RdPhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger30.jpg Chili Frito Smashburger (Nic & Norman's)Quarter pound proprietary blend patty (chuck, short rib and brisket) topped with our house made chili, queso cheese, fresh roasted jalapenos, and fritos, served on a logo brioche bun.Located at: 135 W. Main St.Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger31.jpg Meat Grinder (O'Charley's)Half pound beef patty topped with BBQ baby back ribs, pepper jack cheese, two slices of ham and chipotle BBQ sauce.Located at: 2099 Harrodsburg Rd.Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger32.jpg The Gambler (The Sage Rabbit)5 oz. house ground beef, creamy smoked paprika jack cheese, house Red Light Sauce and spicy pickle relish. Located at: 438 S. Ashland AvePhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger33.jpg The Divine Swine Burger (Stella's Kentucky Deli)Smoked pork, bacon, house made Molasses BBQ sauce, American Cheese & pickles on 1/3 pound of Kentucky beefLocated at: 143 Jefferson StreetPhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger34.jpg The Vegan Swine Burger (Stella's Kentucky Deli)Jackfruit, vegan Cheddar, Molasses BBQ & pickles on a house made Lentil Patty.Located at: 143 Jefferson StreePhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger35.jpg Return of the Mac Burger (Tilty's Bob's)Double smash burger topped with creamy white cheddar mac & cheese, a slice of melted Gouda cheese and a drizzle of house made Not-So-Secret sauce loaded up on a Klosterman potato bun. Located at: 319 Cedar StreetPhoto by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger36.jpg Huevos Locos Burger (Wild Eggs - Palomar)A fresh Angus beef patty grilled to perfection, placed on hand sliced avocado, our house made ranchero salsa, crispy tortilla strips and an egg cooked your way. Finished with one homemade breakfast tot.Located at: 3735 Palomar Centre Dr.Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger37.jpg The Bandolero (Wild Eggs - Hamburg)Half pound Angus beef with queso, avocado & chipotle mayo stacked on top of fried potato casserole. Topped with an egg on a toasted brioche bun.Located at: 1925 Justice Dr.Photo by: Lexington Burger Week NewBurger38.jpg MS Zim's (Zim's Cafe)Stone Cross Farm patty seasoned with a secret blend of spices topped with soubise (a creamy onion sauce) and sautéed mushrooms.Located at: 215 West Main Street, Suite 25Photo by: Lexington Burger Week