Pulaski County parent concerned for child's safety after receiving frightening message online

Pulaski County Schools
Posted at 6:00 PM, Sep 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-14 19:44:26-04

SOMERSET, Ky. (LEX 18) — Monica Lewis is concerned for her child’s safety after receiving an online message from an anonymous sender. Lewis said she was told by the messenger that an employee in her daughter’s classroom committed murder years ago.

“He said that she murdered her child and her parents,” Ms. Lewis said.

Lewis asked the school employee about this and was told that the person who sent this message was likely a man convicted of murder decades ago and that he’s now out and seeking revenge. But even if Monica could accept that at face value, there are other causes for concern.

“How does he know my child is in that school?” she wondered. “Did he breach a data system? Is he stalking the (teacher’s) aide? What is he doing and how does he know my child? And is this man a threat to all of these children?” she continued.

Lewis said she has spoken with the sheriff’s office as well as Superintendent Patrick Richardson. She believes they all know the identity of the messenger, who sent messages using three since-deleted Facebook accounts.

“Everyone else knows but me,” she said of the messenger’s identity.

Monica said she’s done numerous searches to try and track that down but to no avail. She also asked the school to place a school resource officer (SRO) on the grounds at all times. She was told by Richardson that that isn’t possible, but in a statement to LEX 18, Richardson did note that he’d be adding an SRO presence.

Richardson also said that he isn’t aware of any threat to any employee, or student at the school but he feels this was just a derogatory comment directed at one employee.

Still, until an SRO is standing a post at all times, Monica says she isn’t sending her child back into that classroom.

“Her teacher dropped off schoolwork at home, but I won’t send her back,” Lewis said.