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'Small-town soiree' turns downtown Lawrenceburg into a magical prom set

Posted at 5:07 PM, May 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-19 19:16:19-04

ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — What is usually a quiet town in Anderson County, Kentucky turned into something much more magical for a special prom night.

"It kind of felt like we were in a movie in a sense," said senior Jenna Riley who helped with planning.

The streets of downtown Lawrenceburg were set up to look like the set of a Hallmark movie. From the red carpet to the string lights that waved throughout the night, to the street that turned into a dance floor.

"It was gorgeous. It was magical. It was all the lights strung up and everyone walking around, everyone just talking to each other," said senior Ragan Welch.

Even as it ended and it was time to leave, they all kept dancing.

"We all danced the whole time, the entire time. I don't think I saw anybody sit down," said Welch.

After COVID-19 canceled prom 2020, students were devastated. Teachers Heather Adams and Lauren Vassar, who oversaw planning, decided nothing was going to ruin their soiree this year.

"We love the small-town vibe with Lawrenceburg, and we wanted to celebrate that and just have an opportunity for everybody to come together around these kids, and just make something so memorable for them and so then it became a small-town soiree," said Adams.

The entire town chipped in and played a role. From the mayor who worked with police to shut down the street, to the businesses that stayed open, to the community members who helped set up.

They said every business they asked for help went above and beyond making cake pops, shirts, and banners.

"We kept saying we felt like we were in Gilmore Girls because at one point we panned the street and the whole town, it just felt like the whole town were in their roles and titles and setting up and everything just stopped for this," said Vassar.

Even the weather was just right.

"It was like God was smiling on us because the weather was perfect every single detail came together perfectly. We didn't have one issue at all," said Adams.

The students were extremely grateful.

There are some who may say it's only prom, but for these students, it was much more than that.

"From that one day, I took so much from it, from seeing everybody come together and helping give us this prom and just seeing the whole town come together as one, I'll always remember that. I know that I'll probably owe em'," said Haley Case.

They all wanted to make sure they said thank you to the entire town of Lawrenceburg for their dedication and help to make the night special.

"We're so happy that we got to do this for this group of seniors who's just experienced so much adversity and they've overcome it in many ways," said Vassar.

There are talks in the works for an adult prom coming to town next year.