'This is a great settlement!': Victory for Social Security scam victims

Social Security card
Posted at 7:00 PM, Jan 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-10 19:18:05-05

PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (LEX 18) — For those eastern Kentuckians who’ve been without Social Security benefits for the last six or seven years, the lead attorney in their case delivered some great news earlier this week.

“…We got a settlement agreement that I think is a 9 out of 10. We didn’t get everything we wanted,” said attorney, Ned Pillersdorf.

Pillersdorf never dabbled in Social Security litigation before, but he is glad he took on this challenge years ago.

“I’m part of a legal team, but this is without hesitation the greatest achievement in my 41-year career,” he stated.

Pillersdorf took on the Federal Government because he knew that at least 75 percent of the people involved were legitimately the victims of a scam. That scam was orchestrated by former attorney Eric Conn who, with the help of a judge, was able to ram through fraudulent Social Security claims. His claimants were then accused of being co-conspirators. If nothing else, they were considered guilty by association and had their monthly SSA benefits taken away.

Now, thanks to this settlement, those who simply fill out a form requesting a hearing will have their benefits reinstated. Those who win their hearing will be entitled to back pay.

“Simply do the math,” Pillersdorf explained of the back pay. “Say you were drawing $1,500 a month, times 12 months, times 6 years. We’re talking close to 6 figures,” he continued.

“It’ll be good relief,” said John Wireman. Mr. Wireman was visiting Mr. Pillersdorf’s office when we spoke.

Pillersdorf is concerned most of the people who will benefit from this settlement don’t yet know of their good fortune. To that end, Pillersdorf will hold a meeting at the Floyd County Courthouse at 2 pm Wednesday to share the information.